Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Democrats for McCain

Here is another site.... I found this in my comments... I know NOTHING about it so I am putting the comment here so you guys can read it.....

A new web site was launched on July 4th with the hope of having a significant impact on this year’s crucial Presidential election. The web site, http://www.DemocratsforMcCain.com, targets Democrats that find Senator Barrack Obama wanting and, more importantly, those Democrats that will be voting for Sen. John McCain come this November.
“We believe that our site will reach out to all of the Democrats for McCain – the Democrats that have the courage to acknowledge that they will cast their vote for John McCain in November,” states Frank Pinizzotto, Director of Development, for http://www.DemocratsforMcCain.com.

“Why Courage? How many Democrats have you spoken to that are willing to admit that their Party Candidate is not ready to take on the office of President of the United States? President Obama? I might vote for him in ‘16, but not now. Not today. Three years in the Senate makes not a good President of the Free World. I have spoken to a lot of Democrats for McCain, but they have been up until now unwilling to publicly speak out. A new silent majority. A middle class, hard working majority that cannot trust their future to someone so untested. No one can say that John McCain is not ready. He has been tested like no other Presidential candidate in the history of our country,” continues Pinizzotto.

“Many Democrats, and Independents alike, feel more comfortable with John McCain. His record of bi-partisanship. His military record. His record in the Senate. People know what they are getting with John McCain. Organizers of DemocratsforMcCain.com hope the site will free up the ’silent McCain majority’ and start a real discussion about the qualities that are needed for the next President of the United States.”

The site is hoping to reach supporters/volunteers nationwide to help spread the word that it is “okay to support McCain, not matter what you are registered as at the polls”, claims Pinizzotto. “Joe Lieberman is just the start of this movement. Once Democrats learn more about John McCain, they will see that he is ready, and ready today, to be President. We think that http://www.DemocratsforMcCain.com will have an impact on who gets sworn in as the next President of the United States. And that person will be John McCain.”

Contact Information:http://www.DemocratsforMcCain.com

Email: FrankP@DemocratsforMcCain.com

OK, I think it looks like it is being run by the McCain camp so of course I had to find out just a little bit more about Robert and Frank Pinizzotto ....the most interesting things I found in doing just a quick search are...

Robert Pinizzotto's Professional Profile

Robert Pinizzotto - Senior Vice President

Frank's facebook

McCain Maps a Strategy to Woo Reagan Democrats ( This is from May 16)

Will the real Democrats for McCain stand up? (This is from July 14)

But there's a potential embarrassment for the new organization: No registered Democrats are publicly associated with Democrats for McCain.

In the last piece they seem to be making fun of Robert & Frank a bit....The Youtube they mention well,.."This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc."...."YouTomb"..

More Lawsuits Filed Against Hitsgalore.com (May 19, 1999)

I think this man did a brave thing stepping up in support of McCain. As you know I am no longer a democrat so I haven't joined yet. I am sure I can because there is a welcome for Hillary supporters. There are so many sites popping up like this can we possibly join them all? There are just so many hours in a day, how do we split it up? I joined McCain Now but haven't spent much time there, Citizens For McCain...yes..Left my comment at 18 Mil Strong..I don't even know if I have joined all the PUMA groups...I doubt it because there are more and more of them everyday...Just Say No Deal... yes... Did you see the Mission Nobama thing on the left? ( at my WordPress Site) It is new also... What I am saying is no organization, well, each site seems to be organized but don't they all represent the same group of people? Which one of these sites is going to represent us all? What one of the many is going to be the BIG TENT that takes in all of the Little Tents? I am going to contact the Pinizzotto's about this and if I here back I will post about it....

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