Thursday, March 27, 2008


Double Negative
by The issue of negative campaigning and its proper bounds is now dominating the Democratic campaign. In recent weeks, the neck-and-neck race has degenerated into a miasma of trivial flaps--the source of that photo of Barack Obama in Somali garb, the "gaffes" of Samantha Power and Geraldine Ferraro, and so on--only tenuously related to the question of whether Obama or Hillary Clinton would be a better president. Each side, angling for any edge, gins up pseudo-controversies. In response, each feigns indignation, claiming the other is hitting below the belt........................

Why Obama Faces an Uphill Battle

By Steven Stark

With the news that Florida and Michigan are unlikely to redo their primaries, it's become even more probable that Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee. And, as we've been reminded endlessly (and often needlessly), if elected, he'll make history as our first African-American president...............

Clinton Donors Warn on Superdelegate Fight


WASHINGTON — Leading contributors to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton intensified their effort to keep the Democratic presidential contest alive on Wednesday and urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stay out of the superdelegate fight, admonishing her for suggesting that the candidate ahead in pledged delegates — now Senator Barack Obama — should become the nominee.........

The New Negative

HALPERIN’S TAKE: If Obama Has The Nomination Wrapped Up, Why is His Campaign Going After Clinton So Hard?

He has 9 good points you should go read @ The Page by Mark Halperin

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UPDATE: Obama Connection to Passport Breach

Clinton Takes on McCain in North Carolina Economics Speech

Clinton Fears Japan Style Malaise by Bob Davis & Amy Chozick @TWSJ

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