Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Pennsylvania Poll Released by Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research: Barack Obama 36%, Hillary Clinton 55%

Washington D.C. 3/12/2008 01:07 AM GMT (FINDITT)
Here are the latest results from the Pennsylvania poll by Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research published on

There were 608 voters polled on 3/8-10.
Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research
Date: 3/8-10
Added: 3/12/08
Est. MoE = 4.0%
Hillary Clinton 55%
Barack Obama 36%
Unsure 3%
Other 5%

Obama Plays 2nd Fiddle to Clinton in Pennsylvania Democratic Primary: In a Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania today, 03/11/08, six weeks to the vote, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama 55% to 36%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WCAU-TV Philadelphia, KDKA-TV Pittsburgh, WHP-TV Harrisburg, and WNEP-TV Wilkes-Barre. Obama and Clinton are effectively tied in Southeast PA, which includes Philadelphia, but Clinton leads everywhere else. She is up 2:1 in SW PA, which includes Pittsburgh; is up 5:4 in South Central PA, which includes Harrisburg; is up 4:1 in West Central PA, which includes Johnstown; is up 5:3 in NE PA, which includes Wilkes-Barre; and is up 4:1 in NW PA, which includes Erie.Clinton leads 2:1 among whites; Obama leads 3:1 among blacks. Clinton leads by 5 among men, by 30 among women.

She leads by 12 among those under age 50, leads by 26 among those age 50+.On the Economy, which is most important to Democratic voters in PA, Clinton leads by 24 points. On Health Care, next most important, Clinton leads by 32 points. Among voters focused on Iraq, the two are effectively tied.

The average poll results over the last 5 days in the Pennsylvania polls from are:

Candidate %
Hillary Clinton 54
Barack Obama 39

Where is Hillary today: March 12 2008

7:00pm Hillary Clinton attends the National Newspaper Publishers Association Presidential Forum in Washington, DC

Where is Bill today:
11:30am Bill Clinton attends a "Solutions for America" event in Erie, Pennsylvania

3:00pm Bill Clinton attends a "Solutions for America" event in Johnstown, Pennsylvania