Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Found This........

I found this over at NRO...............

the campaign spot

Yeah, This Might Be a Landslide Year... But Not the Way the Pundits Think

If it's Obama, it may be even "easier"; most Americans have heard almost nothing negative about him. Most suburban soccer moms don't know that Louis Farrakhan sings his praises, or that he voted against mandatory minimums for violent criminals. Jews may wish to reexamine his pledge to sit down with Ahmedinijad without preconditions. Every gun owner will learn of his past support for legislation that would be a backdoor ban on gun shops, every church will learn of his refusal to vote against partial-birth abortion. Every Jacksonian national security voter will be reminded that even Hillary Clinton said he's got no foreign policy or national security experience when compared to McCain.

Nominate Obama, and Team McCain ought to be able to strip away large swaths of the white working class vote, the Reagan Democrats, Hispanics, seniors, and Hillary backers who see the Illinois Senator as dangerously unprepared for the challenges of the office.

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