Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Pew Poll: 20% of White Democrats Vote McCain If Obama Is The Nominee


Democratic Base Fissures

Although attention has been focused on McCain's problems with the GOP base, there are indications that some Democrats might defect if Obama is the party's nominee. Overall, 20% of white Democratic voters say they would vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic nominee. That is twice the percentage of white Democrats who say they would support McCain in a Clinton-McCain matchup. Older Democrats (ages 65 and older), lower-income and less educated Democrats also would support McCain at higher levels if Obama rather than Clinton is the party's nominee.

Read more from: The Pew Research Center

Did I need a poll to tell me that? No! All you have to do is read what is going on on the internet.
Speaking for myself: There is no way I would ever vote for Mr. Obama!

There will be more to come, you can count on that!

The Specter of McCain Democrats

UPDATE: Real Clear Politics Article

Delegates We Need

The Case for a Revote in Florida and Michigan

When Barack Obama's campaign says that Hillary Clinton can't escape the harsh realities of delegate math, it's telling the truth. The problem with that argument is that neither can he.

fullstory fromwashingtonpost.com

The Chicago Way
What is it? Is it easily abused? Is it dangerous in the wrong hands?

This is critical, as the nation's eyes turn toward Chicago's federal building, where Barack Obama's personal real estate fairy, Tony Rezko, stands trial on federal corruption charges.

full story here

Rezko and Obama.......just what is he hiding????

So what is McCain up to these days?

McCain Travels to Europe and Middle East

March 10, 2008 7:32 PM

ABC News' Bret Hovel Reports: The Senate office of John McCain announced Monday that the Republican nominee-in-waiting will travel overseas during the week of March 17 to Israel, Great Britain and France.

full story here ABC NEWS

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Anonymous said...

Great idea to start this site. The media is so in love with Obama they don't see that there is a large group of voters who find Obama completely unacceptable for the office of POTUS. The DNC is also living in denial about the Democratic base and their dissatisfaction with Obama.