Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am a strong Hillary supporter by joann4

In twenty years as a member of Rev. Wright's church, Obama NEVER separated himself from, or repudiated the hate rhetoric of his pastor. He's just doing the narrow parsing necessary to be able to look in the mirror, and carry this charade forward. How does he look into his children's eyes as young girls, when his Pastor spews misogyny, hatred of half their genetic make-up, and disparaging the AA community that has worked past this sorry language to achieve identity as Americans first? This is guilt by association, guilt by silence, guilt by hoodwink and bamboozle. He can't step away and say he's "unaware". He has all his faculties, and brilliance as well. And his legs could have carried him down the aisle to another Church more in line with the cover he seems to be grabbing for. He's more Malcom X than MLK. He's not an activist for anyone but himself. And he won't do a thing to change the plight of those who have been abandoned.
And my vote will have an asterisk, as I'm no McCain Democrat. I would never vote for an enabler like Obama...never.

I am a strong Hillary supporter, and will vote for her over anyone else if and WHEN she's the nominee.

by joann4