Monday, April 14, 2008


I think the best piece I have read all day is this one called 'The Mask Slips' by William Kristol at the New York Times. Yes it is an opinion piece but please take they time to read it. He breaks down the religion, guns, is a good read. One more good read is 'Hey Obama boys: Back off already' .....If you watch CNN last night here is a piece from David Brody from CBN News and this from NYT..'The Early Word: Seeking Compassion' by Ariel Alexovich. The Slate has 'Whats the matter with Obama ....The four sins of cling'.. don't pass that one up because there are some good links there.This is the last one for now.........'The Matter With What?' by Noemie Emery. More Later...........


Sounding Bitter

Off The Record Obama

Michelle Obama Fumbles on Defence

Obama Wasn't Just Insulting Pennsylvanians


If you support Hillary and Barack Obama is the nominee who will you vote for?
John McCain
79 (97%)
Barack Obama
2 (2%)

Votes so far: 81

If you support Barack Obama and Hillary is the nominee who will you vote for?
Hillary Clinton
35 (97%)
John McCain
1 (2%)

Votes so far: 36