Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What a great start for this Tuesday morning. I would like to start everyday with an endorsement for Senator Clinton. Here is a piece from the Charlotte Observer that tells you more about Gov. Easley and his endorsement. They actually covered it on CNN and MSNBC. I was shocked because they have not mentioned a lot of Clinton's endorsements in the past. Could it be because Rev. Wright threw Obama under the bus yesterday? Who knows but if I were a superdelegate I would be very worried if I had endorsed Obama. Why do I say that, because Rev. Wright is back and is making a lot of headlines. I have been watching this primary closely and when you add everything up Obama is not electable. Rev. Wright and his God Damn America, government gave the people AIDS and all of his other Anti-American talk he spews out of his mouth. Mr. Obama stayed in that church for 20 years under his teachings and from his wifes words about the first time she is proud of this country, how mean America is etc.... Throw in "Typical White Person"....they cling to there guns and religion and antipathy to those who don't look like them, Mr. Obama not putting his hand on his chest during the pledge to the flag. Shall I go on?... Rev. Wright and Mr. Obama are already staring in four republican ads and we have not even finished the primary season. I heard yesterday on television from a republican......"All this is typical for democrats, the hate for America.".......Well I am a democrat and I want no part of that label. I love this country. If Mr. Obama gets the nomination I will no longer be a democrat, I will change to independent. I say again Mr. Obama is not electable, and if you have been paying attention you would know that.

UPDATE: Video: Easley Endorses Clinton via The Page

New Clinton supporter is a potent symbol


Moving on.......I have been reading some of the reverends headlines. I will make a short list.

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Karl Rove on Rev. Wright's Latest Comments

Below are pieces from NRO

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N.C. Governor Endorses Clinton from NY Times

OK lets see what the day brings.......