Monday, April 14, 2008


Mark Halperin from Time CNN had a list up Friday on what we watch for. I am posting it here so I can keep an eye on it.........

HALPERIN’S TAKE: Who We Are Waiting to Hear From on Obama’s “Bitter” Remarks

1. Shaken Obama Red State supporters.

2. Undecided superdelegates.

3. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. [Rush is letting him have it “Barack Obama hangs around people who are bitter to the core. His entire inner circle is filled with almost insane rage…. Barack Obama has been attracted to extreme radical elements his entire life.”]

4. San Francisco liberals (such as Nancy Pelosi).

5. Dick Cheney.

6. John Kerry.

7. Obama staffers who know (and are willing to admit) they have a problem.

8. “Saturday Night Live,” Leno, Letterman, etc.

9. Colin Powell.

10. Charlie Rangel.

11. Tennessee Governor Bredesen and Virginia Governor Kaine.

[A little about Bredesen and Kaine.]

12. Rural Pennsylvania person-on-the-street media interviews.

13. The Amish.

14. Steelworkers in Pennsylvania when Obama and Clinton both address them Monday.

15. John Edwards.

16. “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” author Thomas Frank.

[For a look at a reference to Whats the matter with Kansas 'Obama's Great Mistake']

17. Michelle Obama.

18. Whoever it is that’s replacing Charlton Heston as America’s chief always-packing celebrity spokesperson.

19. The voters.