Tuesday, April 1, 2008


(I call it the 3:00 am phone call!)

You decide---------------------

When you are faking a pose for a camera photo opportunity, at least you can get the phone turned in the right direction!

And he wants to be President??? ???

Like I said I got this in an e-mail. It also had a piece by Ken Blackwell from the NY Sun. The piece is Ken Blackwell -Warns About the Shortcomings of Obama. It is a very good. Go read it.

I will have more to read later. Check back for updates. Later all......

Well I just have to say this..................

I was over at Taylor Marsh reading her blog and let em call me racist. I don't care if that is what they think. I am not racist, I just won't fall for Obama's con job he is trying to pull on America. I am one of those people Taylor speaks of that would vote for Colin Powell in a heart beat. The last time I checked he was still a black man just like Obama. Color has nothing to do with my vote......Who can I trust to run my country? Who do I know more about? Who's plans for America can I get behind? Who do I think has more experience? That is why I am supporting Hillary and say I will vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. I pick the candidate I can trust the most, and experience means a lot to me. Do I really want to vote McCain...NO!.. But to call me a racist because I won't vote for someone I don't trust? If you trust him you vote for him and I will vote for the person I trust. But don't call me a racist because I won't vote for the person you trust.

The more that comes out about Obama and his past the more I see him as a con man. Every time he talks about Reverend Wright he tells a different story. The same goes for Rezko and his contributions. In my opinion that is because he can't remember what he has said, lying again, if someone is telling the truth the story stays the same every time they tell it. Obama's stories are all over the place..........I am sick of being lied to by this man.

Tell me, what is wrong with the Democratic Party.......My goodness if Obama were a republican candidate and the Reverend Wright story would have come out like it did they would have gotten him out of the race so fast we would have been saying Obama who? He stayed in that church 17/ 20 years, (don't know how long really because that keeps changing also) and tries to tell us he never heard the reverend say anything like what we have seen on those tapes. WE ARE NOT STUPID OBAMA! Your own book proved you were lying on that one. Just get out of the race Mr. Obama, you make me want to leave the democratic party. I will leave the party if you are the nominee. Disenfranchising voters just to win. If you are reading this and don't believe me on that one go here to a piece written by Wayne Barrett. In it you will find this.....

. .. Similarly, all three of the House Democrats who endorsed Obama -- Coleman Young II, Bert Johnson, and Aldo Vagnozzi -- voted in favor of the bill to push the Michigan date forward. When Obama later took his name off the Michigan ballot, Young and Johnson became sponsors of the bill to cancel the election they had just voted to authorize.

The support of Obama's principal backers in both states for the move-up bills was hardly consequential, but it does raise questions about his current opposition to any counting or recounting of these states. If bad faith is the DNC's standard, Obama doesn't have to look too far to find alleged examples of it, and to recognize that the national party might be unfairly characterizing what the leaders in these states did.

Imagining a convention without delegations from these large and politically volatile states has become the nightmare of every thinking Democrat. Polls indicate that a nominee who refuses to count the 1.7 million Floridians who voted in a level-playing field primary, or to find a way for them to vote again, will wind up wasting whatever time and money he or she spends there in the general election campaign. As close as the general election vote in Michigan has been in recent years, even a small margin of voters disgruntled by the state's Democratic lockout could push it into the GOP column. Obama's stonewalling about both states may offer short-term advantages, but two delegations denied seating because of his maneuvers may well be seen as contrary to his populist rationale now -- and crippling to his candidacy in November. ... ..

..... on AC60 Friday they showed how and who stopped the MI. vote. Look for.....

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It's the year 2000. Democrats are angry. They want a recount in the presidential election which they don't get. Fast forward to the present; instead of a recount, many Democrats want a redo. But this time around many other Democrats redon't.

....here is the link for the transcripts to the show. It was called "No We Can't......in Michigan."

Mr. Obama, you have done what McCain couldn't.....got the republican base to rally around him, you and your anti-american reverend. If the higher ups in the democratic party had any since they would have had you get out of the race a long time a go. But no, they let you stay in and tear the party completely apart.