Friday, April 11, 2008


From: ShutTheFreudUp

Today is the big day for the protest in New York City so I will be posting as the day goes on. The video above has been making the rounds and I hope it is doing some good. It was made by two Hillary supporters, Indyrobin and Geek...You might find this piece interesting to read from over at is by Joan Walsh, My last word (for now) on sexism. She has sort of a challenge for ya.....The video has been seen in Canada,via Richard Hetu. I have seen some of the comments translated and I don't think they are very pro Clinton but was told some of the comments are in favor of Hillary. I am sure you have seen it at No Quarter this week. I can't point you to it because he has been having some problems this week. I am not going to link to all of them but Taylor Marsh has posted about it and riverdaughter had something to say to. Spread it around and let people know how you feel about the media speaking this way.
Have you read about Hillary's campaign office burning in Terre Haute. Not much details on it yet. I will see if I can find more to post on that as the day goes by.

Thats it for now but I will be adding to this post later......Remember spread that video around today!

A bit more.......

Clinton's Terre Haute, Ind. Campaign HQ Burns Down

Fire destroys Clinton's campaign office in Indiana, investigation underway

Poll of women voters shows most in Pennsylvania plan to vote Democratic

20 Questions for Barack Obama
So far, because the mainstream media is smitten with him, Barack Obama has been able to get by running a campaign based on hope, change, unity, love, and rainbows made of cuddly kittens..

However, before we get around to coronating Barack as our new President/Cult of Unity Leader, there are a few questions he should have to answer before America starts drinking his Kool-Aid.

Granted, many members of our esteemed press seem to consider it crass to expect Obama to actually answer questions about unimportant things like his agenda, his character, and what he actually wants to do when he becomes the leader of the free world.

Why does U.S. treat churches differently?
Cult religions are unacceptable to the citizens of the USA if they involve polygamy or residential compounds.

However, if a religion has a pastor who spews hatred and racism, or preaches politics instead of religion, or promotes law-breaking by harboring, helping and hiring illegal immigrants, that church is "hands-off" to the government.

Obama's VP Picks
Setting off speculation about his possible VP pick, Barack Obama may have unnerved his MSM cheerleaders. They’d already been dismayed to find that the Chosen One a mite “self righteous” as one Washington Post columnist described him and “arrogant” as a Slate blogger mused. (What was their first clue? I mean aside from the cult-like music videos, Obama girl and his wife’s insistence that he is the only source of pride in America in the last generation?)

Dems give McCain a foot in Michigan door
Practically speaking, Republicans should have no chance to carry Michigan in the presidential race this November.

But they just might, thanks to the bumbling of the Michigan Democratic Party, which has effectively disenfranchised its voters and repeatedly refused to fix the problem. The Republicans shouldn't have a chance here in November. The state has the highest unemployment rate (7.2 per cent) in the U.S., and things are expected to get worse.

Once a swing state, Michigan has been trending more and more Democratic, rejecting George W. Bush twice.