Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SUPER D DUELING.....................

Bill George, president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, announces his support for Senator Clinton. Obama picked uptwo so far today.....What we have now are dueling Superdelegates. Yesterday went the same way. We will see what the day brings again.......

Puerto Rico’s Luisette Cabanas pledges her support for Clinton while Chelsea is campaigning in the U.S. territory Wednesday. Gives Clinton majority of supers from the island.

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Superdelegate Count For Wednesday.......I will up date as the day goes on




Obama is trying to stop this from airing.

Well, I am wondering if Obama's press conference did any good yesterday. I think we won't ever really know because Clinton was already going up in the polls after her big win in Pennsylvania so if he goes down it may not be from all the press Reverend Wright got over the weekend right into Monday. For me it did no good because Wright said the same things he had been saying on the Youtubes, just worded it different. Obama stayed in that church for 20 years and he can't just sweep it under the rug now when it is what he needs to do to gets votes. As Rev. Wright said "He is just saying what he is saying because thats what politicians do." Twenty years is an awful long time to go to a church if you don't agree with what is coming from behind the pulpit. If you have not seen the youtubes watch Best of Jeremiah Wright's Sermons Pt. 1 and Best of Jeremiah Wright's Sermons Pt. 2 and decide for yourself if this can be swept away.

I have been doing a little reading today and I don't think some are giving him a pass on the reverend. Here is my short list and I will up date with polls and stuff as it comes out.

Praying and Preying by Maureen Dowd

Candidate faces down his former pastor, but what took so long?

An angry Obama denounces his longtime pastor

Damage control, take 2

For Obama, the Danger From Wright Isn’t Over


The Hopeless Pastor

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Looking for Mr. Wright

Maybe more later.......UPDATE