Tuesday, April 8, 2008



Yes that is what you have done Mr. Obama. Florida and Michigan have been removed from our beautiful flag. They don't matter to you Mr. Obama.........Well they matter to me and they matter to millions of others in this country. I understand you can't win if you count the votes of these poor people you have chosen to disenfranchise, but that is not the way it works in America. Mr. Obama do you think you will be a legitimate candidate in the eyes of Americans winning this way? Only counting the votes if they are for you? Don't you understand you have to count all the votes. You are nothing more than a crooked politician. I think one can tell you learned a lot from your Reverend Wright, spewing hate from behind the pulpit. Trying to take 50% of Michigan delegates, you didn't get 50% of the vote. That is stealing the votes from people who did not vote for you. Florida was won by Hillary Clinton, stopping the delegates from being seated, stopping the votes from being counted, Is that how you plan to win the General Election if you are the nominee? Stealing votes? This is America and that is not how it is done. Your dirty tactics show what a terrible president you would be. Please put the stars back on our flag. Then remove yourself from the race. You may think your Reverend Wright did not hurt you but it did. You are a disgrace to the party.

Much Much Less than Meets the Eye in Obama´s Victories
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Hillary's Hoosier Chair: Obama Running "Negative" In IN