Thursday, April 24, 2008

EVEN IF YOU DON'T...............

Even if you don't like Karl Rove you still need to read this piece from WSJ...."Is Obama Ready for Prime Time? Yes Karl Rove, I have been paying attention to what he is saying because I think it gives me some idea on how the general election is going to play out. In the piece from Karl he points out a few things......

With $42 million in the bank, money is the least of Sen. Obama's problems. He needs a credible message that convinces Democrats he should be president. In recent days, he's spent too much time proclaiming his inevitable nomination. But they already know he's won more states, votes and delegates.

His words wear especially thin when he was dealt a defeat like Tuesday's. Mr. Obama was routed despite outspending Hillary Clinton on television by almost 3-1. While polls in the final days showed a possible 4% or 5% Clinton win, she apparently took late-deciders by a big margin to clinch the landslide.

Where she cobbled together her victory should cause concern in the Obama HQ. She did better – and he worse – than expected in Philadelphia's suburbs. Mrs. Clinton won two of these four affluent suburban counties, home of the white-wine crowd Mr. Obama has depended on for victories before.

In the small town and rural "bitter" precincts, she clobbered him. Mr. Obama's state chair was Sen. Bob Casey, who hails from Lackawanna County in northeast Pennsylvania. She carried that county 74%-25%. In the state's 61 less-populous counties, she won 63% – and by 278,266 votes. Her margin of victory statewide was 208,024 votes.

Please take the time to go read it all. Here is another must read..."Osama Crashes the Democratic Party"... If you are looking for something to give you a little look at how Indiana might play out take a look at "For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat"... If you are wanting a update on delegates after Tuesdays PA. victory for Hillary Clinton take a look at "Clinton Gains on Obama's Tally" might help you understand what Hillary is up against. The New York Post has a little piece I enjoyed and want to pass on to you called "A Revealing Battle" go ahead it is a short read. Now for a longer read take a look at this opinion piece..."Pennsylvania Results Mean Clinton Could Win the Popular Vote and Obama the Pledged Delegate Count"...shoot its title is even is a good read when you have the time. I really like seeing this "Florida's back in thick of Demo mess" and this "Michigan is becoming Clinton's secret weapon"...we cannot win in November without voting in all 50 states why should the primary be any different, we have a right to have our votes counted no matter what state you come from. Here is a look at the popular vote at RCP. Interesting isn't it? Well I guess you have heard about the ad coming out in North Carolina today, I will end with it and if I come across a new poll or anything I will update. You have to know this is just a sampling of what Obama will be up against in November if he is in fact the nominee for the democratic party. If he is then the superdelegates didn't want to win the White House back this time around!

From: NCGOP2008