Friday, April 25, 2008

JUST THE BEGINNING.............................

Jason Altmire - Drinking the Liberal Kool Aid

Warning Label


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Mike McNally said...

For Altmire supporters, Melissa's ad is actually a good sign. It shows that on the issues, she feels like the strongest weapon she's got is Congressman Altmire's association, albeit a distant one, with Senator Obama. It's a very weak position, but one that makes sense.

Melissa Hart's position on the issues is weak for a number of reasons. First, Melissa Hart is NOT a fiscal conservative, having increased the size of government to all time highs when she was in office. Strike one.

Second, her opponent, Congressman ALtmire, IS conservative, supporting Pro-Life legislation and being endorsed by groups that care about guns and the 2nd amendment , being described as a centrist by non-partisan think-tanks
Strike two.
Finally, while Melissa Hart talks about integrity, Jason Altmire and the Democratically controlled House passed the toughest ethics bill in our history while Melissa Hart's Republican Senate blocked its passage. Strike Three.
Ironically, while Melissa Hart's ad implies that Congressman Altmire's ties to Democrats are his weakness, it is Melissa's own connections to corruption like Jack Abramoff and her affiliation with the philosophically bankrupt Republican party that leave her weak on ethics, the economy, national security, healthcare, and other critical issues. These three strikes clearly leave her OUT of effective campaign rhetoric which is why she chooses Barack Obama as her strongest weapon in the argument on issues.