Saturday, June 7, 2008


They are trying to mess with our heads when they say the numbers are small that will be voting McCain or staying home...writing Hillary in.....I know there will be some who go to Obama, hey it is your vote and you are free to vote how you see fit.....So am I....


What they need to understand is the reason we were fighting so hard for Hillary was because she was our only choice.....we were never going to vote for Obama...McCain has always been our second choice....Why would we vote for the person with the thinest resume ever to be President of the United States? Then when Reverend Wright came out from nowhere with his God Damn America hate speech knowing this had been Barack's spiritual leader knowing Barack went to that church for 20 years and knowing that the church is committed to a 10 point vision. Have you read the truth about black liberal theology? What did we learn about Reverend Wright when he spoke in front of the press club? Do you remember....he verified everything we had seen in those videos. Now he is not leaving the church....Louis Farrakhan seems to have also played a role in both Mr.& Mrs. Obama's life. Then there is Pfleger who is another long time spiritual adviser of Obama who recently left the campaign...Do I even need to mention William Ayers or Tony Rezko?....What is wrong with the democratic party leaders??? Why would they give us a person like Barack Obama as our nominee??? Yes they gave us Obama, he was selected not elected. This election was hijacked right in front of our eyes....I got out of the democratic party when Pfleger started spewing his hate and Dean or no one from the party stepped up.....After 30 years of being a democrat....always voting dem down ticket....always doing my part for the party....I can proudly say I am a dem no more.....Obama and the democratic party do not represent my beliefs ....There has to be someone in the democratic party that realizes just how much Obama has brought division to the party....they have to realize we would never vote for someone who has no experience to run our country.....What will Obama do now....Hillary is no longer out there making speeches for Obama to get his talking points from....she won't be in the debates so he can takes her answers and make them his.....all he is doing now is talking about how awful America is......he is not giving us any solutions he just complains....Chelsea Clinton can answer questions better than Obama......Now we must look to the republican party for leadership because the democratic party has completely let us down.... So don't fall for it....the media saying we will come home in November..... we will never fall in line behind Obama.....we were never going to vote for Obama.....don't listen to the rigged polls.....the media will try to deceive us once again just as they did during this primary.....they will be bias all through the GE.....Don't fall for it!....AP tried to stop the vote while people were still voting in South Dakota and Montana by saying Clinton was going to call it quits that day after the polls was not true.....When that didn't work they broke the story that Obama had the number needed to be the nominee....he did not.....Don't fall for it! must pay attention to what is going on.....When they say things like...I don't know any Hillary or feminist supporter who isn't going to support Obama....know they are lying...We are out here...we are changing to Independent and Republican.....we are giving donations to McCain.....We won't be voting for Obama if he makes Clinton his VP. choice....that does not make Obama qualified....What the MSM did to Clinton was terrible and yes is made us angry but we are not voting our anger we are voting for the best candidate when we vote for McCain......Pass it on and DON'T FALL FOR IT!....


Anonymous said...

Oh My god! Are you insane? You deleted your comment where you called me *Little Btich In italy*, and created that new comment, supposedly by me, and then deleted my polite reply to you, and created a NEW one by you?

You are unbelievable. I know since you blocked my IP, you didn't think I would see this, but there are many people out there who saw the original exchange, and now know that you are truly evil, and crazy.

And you deleted Destardi's comment that told you your reply to me was uncalled for?

You might want to seek anger management.


american girl in italy said...

OK, I just read your post on your homepage and I DID NOT post that comment calling you a bitch and telling you to FO. THAT WAS NOT ME.

You deleted your comments here, and posted that one.

If you do NOT delete that comment, I will write to all of the Pro-Hillary blogs explaining the situation.

I have many camillions who know the exchange that took place, and know what you wrote to me, and what my comemnts were.

I will not allow you to have that fake comment posted on your site.

You KNOW it did not come from me, because you KNOW that the IP address was not mine. I have no doubt that you posted it.

You blocked my IP, and I only know about what you did here because other camillions wrote me and told me.

As I said, if you do not delete that FAKE comment by me, I will contact all the Pro-Hillary sites. You are going after MY reputation, and your site is posted on many other sites, as Pro-Hillary.

And I have many people who can support my *claims*.

This is RIDICULOUS! You first trashed us, then called me names, then lied about it, and posted fake a fake comment by me.

I am sure you won't post this, but I have sent this comment to many people.