Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Morning Talk 6/15/08

Another Sunday morning to watch the talk going on in Washington. This Sunday will be different, Tom Brokaw will be hosting Meet the Press. You can offer your condolences to the Russert family here. Tom will be hosting a special show, it will be a full hour about Tim's life. At ABC George will have Edwards and Fred Thompson on This Week. On Face the Nation Bob Schieffer will have Gov. Bobby Jindal... Newt Gingrich... Jim Vandehei of Politico and they will be talking about...what else campaign '08. FNS with Chris Wallace will have Kay Bailey Hutchison... Byron Dorgan... Red Cavaney...they will be talking about the fuel prices. Karl Rove will be on with his campaign analysis for the GE so far. Then there is my favorite show to watch on Sunday.. Reliable Sources on CNN with host Howard Kurtz... on his show he takes a look at the media and what they have been up to. You can get a pod cast if you miss the show... give them some time to get it up. Just click on the picture below to pick your favorite poison. Have a great Sunday everyone and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there.

Little Update:Reliable Sources is covering Tim Russert, his career etc....