Saturday, June 14, 2008

This and That Saturday.....

The flooding in Iowa is not getting any better. I don't live in the state but I still like to know what is going on. With the levee problems it reminds me of New Orleans. Here are some Iowa links if you want to read about it. DesMoines Register, Around Des Moines and The city of Des Moines. They have some good maps to help you learn about the lay of the land and some pictures and video.

Levee Failure Prompts Iowa Evacuations

Want to help?

Obama wants payroll tax on incomes above $250,000

Dem convention panel faces $15 million shortfall

Today on the presidential campaign trail

Ron Paul declines to concede at rally, but his website says it's really over

2 Day old stuff...

Who Is Obama? Where Is The Press?

Obama Is No Joshua

Sundays without Russert

Space shuttle Discovery prepares for landing

AOL started a new straw poll on here.

Now lets see what the day brings......have a great week end...