Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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From: John McCain

A comment I found and want to post so more people would read it...not posting the name.

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I am also a lifelong Republican. I've said here many times that all my friends are Dems. Well, they are...but that's no longer exactly the whole truth. The truth is that I have made many friends here, some of whom are fellow Republicans. The people who come in droves in support of Sen. McCain cross all party lines. Wherever they came from originally, they are gathered here together in support of the importance of our American right to choose our leaders by participating in elections. We know how important that vote is. For the sake of all Americans, not just some single-minded drive to defeat the other guy, whatever the cost. It's no longer good enough to just blame everything that's wrong on the Dems or the Reps. We The People are responsible for our government, not the other way around. Sen. McCain has spent his entire life protecting and defending our right to do just that. And here he is again, asking for our support so that he may serve us yet again. We all know there are things wrong with this country at the moment. I've noticed that those who support BO are bent on forcing us to believe their message that Sen. McCain represents "4 more years of Bush". Pretty flimsy in my opinion. However, it is a message we must work diligently together to discredit. Sen. McCain does not represent 4 more years of Bush. That is an example of the BO campaign trying to use the known tactic of "people will believe any lie if it is said often enough." We all know where that came from and what type of leaders come into power by that method. By contrast, Sen. McCain is appealing to all Americans to use our own better judgment and realize that he plans to include all of us in his Presidency. Not only has he repeated that message for our benefit, but his entire public record demonstrates that fact...and the fact that he embraces the flexibility of growth and change in response to the better judgment of all Americans, regardless who gets the credit. Sen. McCain truly does represent Leadership We Can Believe In! I'm so glad to see such a diverse group of supporters here and everywhere I go! McCain '08!

Another one....

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I am even more certain of my vote for Sen. McCain in the fall! I am reminded of a phrase I learned from my husband once when he was sharing with me some of his experiences in the military. The phrase is, "Hope is not a method". My husband and I were discussing drug use at the time and he shared with me some of the difficult situations he'd encountered while he was Battalion Commander. I won't repeat any of them here, but it was a part of his leadership that was extremely challenging for him. He was a highly respected Commander who inspired much dedication and individual and collective greatness from his troops. I've met some of them, and am absolutely in awe of the way their friendship with one another is based on the most profound mutual respect and admiration. I do not think these qualities are unique to military personnel. Nor do I believe military experience is necessarily a requirement to be a great President. However, I believe nearly everyone recognizes that we live in a dangerous world. It's very difficult for someone like me to comprehend the complexity of decision-making abilities required from our President. I imagine that one of the first things the President (and every world leader, for that matter) must know from the moment they wake up is, what's the oil situation. Our entire economy, as well as most economies of Western Civilization, is nearly entirely based on oil. Our security is based on oil. Even though I drive a Prius, I can't go anywhere unless I have gas in the tank. In the event of a disaster, I must have it to evacuate. Food is transported throughout the country and globe by fossil fuel. All the goods we purchase are transported by fossil fuel. Police respond by power of fossil fuel. So do ambulances. Schools and hospitals and homes and corporations are powered mostly by fossil fuels. Even our "money", which is mostly credit and debit cards these days, is made of plastics derived from fossil fuels. Hell, we even eat it! Most pills that the general public ingest are coated in shells made from fossil fuels. The US supplied nearly 80% of the oil used by the Allies in WWII. Our supplies peaked in the 70's and have continued to decline. Our method since has been to hoard what's left of our own oil and use everyone else's with gluttony and disregard for anyone but ourselves. 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Clearly, we are addicted. I believe that the phrase "Hope is not a method" applies very accurately here. Sen. McCain does represent leadership we can actually believe in. I may not agree down to the last little detail of minutia with every one of his positions, but I agree with the vast majority of them, and most of all I trust him with the complexities of leadership I can't even begin to comprehend. We have no way of knowing what lies ahead, but we can use our common sense to observe the differences between Sen. McCain and ...well, everyone still on the table. No, Hope is not a method. Leadership is. Thank you Sen. McCain for demonstrating so clearly what that is.