Sunday, June 22, 2008

Such a he has his own fake seal...UPDATED

What do you think of Obama's new seal? At first I was a a little angry...then I thought what a phony he is so it suits him... Listen to what they said at MSNBC...I still say phony..he is just playing president like some little kid..

Video: Obama Campaign Passing Out Fake 'Homemade' Signs

Told you he is a phony...just more proof...

Graham on "Meet the Press" said Obama broken pledge to seek public campaign financing: "What he did by breaking his promise is reinforce every bad thing wrong with politics."


I found this piece interesting so I am passing it along.......

Obama, McCain face off on world affairs

Looks like they are falling in line in Ohio....some of them....

Obama fever yet to take hold

and this..

June 22, 2008,Letters to the Editor ... The oil is there, if we'd only drill

As a Hillary supporter I am very pleased to see the red map at AOL....the dem party is getting what they deserve ....yes it is a online else could you poll so many people... did not Hillary win all the states in the election that she won in the poll after Obama's reverend Wright was exposed to be the anti-white, anti American he is?.....guess what a 20 year relationship won't go away...

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