Thursday, June 12, 2008


On July 4, 2008, we want at least 1 million Hillary Clinton supporters to send John McCain $5.44. This is a small amount for all of us and we can send it easy. If we can get 1 million people to donate this amount, then we will have sent the Democrat Party a signal they cannot ignore.

With at least one million people doing this, the DNP will suddenly realize that they have to change or lose. Don't worry about the media, the McCain people will let them know that we have set a new 1 day record for the most money ever received.

Now get out there and blog to the whole world what we are doing. It is now up to us to make this happen and we can and we will,
I found this comment yesterday:

Lets start spreading the word. Over at we are starting “Make it Rain for McCain”. It is still in the works. We plan on making donations on the 4th and Aug 1st with the latter date being the one that we will be promoting.

More details to come

Want to learn more?

McCain Calls for ‘Reform, Prosperity and Peace’ at Town Hall

John McCain kicked off the first of his so-called Presidential Town Halls Thursday evening by sounding a call for “reform, prosperity and peace.”

The presumptive GOP nominee, fighting charges that he wants to drag on a war in Iraq with no end, stressed that he is seeking long-term stability in the region and accused Democratic rivalBarack Obama of wanting to surrender “defeat.”

“We are succeeding, and Senator Obama wants to set a date for withdrawal and have that arbitrarily done,” McCain said. “We would be back and there would be genocide and chaos in the region (under Obama’s plan).”

McCain also repeated a pledge to fight pork-barrel spending and vilify the authors of wasteful earmarks.

The hour-long event, at Federal Hall in New York City, kicks off a series of town hall meetings McCain says he eventually hopes will include his Democratic rival.

Obama will not be joining him this time. But McCain re-issued his town hall challenge Thursday. The event is being carried live on FOX News Channel.

“I think this town hall meeting would have been a little more interesting if Senator Obama had accepted my request,” McCain said to applause Thursday. “I think Americans are tired of the spin rooms, they’re tired of the sound bites … that’s why I hope SenatorObama will agree.”

At the forum Thursday, McCain plans to take random questions from the audience of about 200 people.

Obama, speaking at his own town hall meeting in Wisconsin Thursday, swiped at McCain for allegedly flip-flopping to support the Bush tax cuts and for his recent comments on Iraq that drew heavy criticism from Democrats. McCain took heat for saying in an interview Wednesday that troop withdrawal timetables in Iraq are “not too important.”

“Obviously he’s not thinking about the extraordinary burden that families are under on two or three or four tours of duty,” Obama said Thursday.

As for McCain’s town hall challenge, Obama has said he’s interested but wants to switch up the format on occasion and wants to do fewer than the 10 joint appearances McCain had proposed.

“We are happy to do more than the three typical presidential debates in the fall,” Obama said Tuesday. “If I’m not mistaken we’ve gone back with a counterproposal to them and are in communication with them right now.”

The town hall meeting Thursday was hosted by FOX News’ Shepard Smith, who will anchor a post-event analysis with former Bush White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Democratic strategists BobBeckel and Kirsten Powers.

McCain has touted the format by saying that taking questions from the public is the antidote to partisan posturing and bickering.