Friday, June 13, 2008

Lincoln Davis’s refusal to endorse Barack Obama

Tullahoma Terrorist Fistjab: Davis Chief Of Staff “Assumes” Obama Not Terrorist Connected, Can’t Be Sure

Posted on June 13, 2008 at 9:49 am

Both Bill Hobbs and Sean Braisted note an interesting few graphs in an article about Congressman Lincoln Davis’s refusal to endorse Barack Obama, despite being a Edwards supporter earlier in the cycle:

Fred Hobbs, a state Democratic Party Executive Committee member representing part of Davis’ district, said he understands why Davis is not endorsing Obama and is “skeptical” of the Illinois senator himself.

“Maybe [it’s] the same reason I don’t want to — I don’t exactly approve of a lot of the things he stands for and I’m not sure we know enough about him,” Hobbs said when asked why he thought Davis wasn’t endorsing Obama. “He’s got some bad connections, and he may be terrorist connected for all I can tell. It sounds kind of like he may be.”

Davis was not made available for comment.

His chief of staff, Beecher Frasier, said he doesn’t know for sure if Obama is “terrorist connected” but he assumes he’s not.

The Tennessee Democratic Party releases a statement in rebuke of their state Executive committee member:

“The Tennessee Democratic Party is united behind our party’s nominee, Senator Barack Obama. Mr. [Fred] Hobbs is obviously misinformed, and his statement highlights the perpetual efforts of the Republican Party, especially here in Tennessee, to turn internet smears and highly offensive gossip into their party’s message against Senator Barack Obama as we head into the General Election. Instead of debating the issues, the Tennessee Republican Party continues to rely upon slanderous and salacious tall tales. They are borrowing from the playbook first written by Richard Nixon and employed in the race against Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Tennesseans of every political persuasion are tired of these tactics.”


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