Friday, June 6, 2008


Subject: Not Hillary’s fault

We get it. The DNC wants Obama, the absolutely most unqualified candidate ever, to be the Democratic nominee. We understand; he’s raising money and he’s getting young people involved. As a 30 year Democrat, it will be interesting to see if your idea of putting up a Marxist, far-left Democrat with less than 2 years in the Senate, and 20 years in a racist, anti-Semitic and anti-American church will be successful.

We know you have pressured Sen. Clinton to suspend her campaign and endorse Obama for the sake of bringing the party together. Too bad not one of you were gracious enough to recognize that she has won more votes than any other candidate in American history, and she’s the first women candidate to virtually tie for the nomination. I know, I know, you couldn’t say those things because it would ruin Obama’s false moment of claiming he won the nomination.

And, we know that Sen. Clinton as a loyal Democrat will ask us to vote for Obama, she’ll even campaign hard for him. We support her candidacy 100%, but what you don’t realize, is that we won’t vote for Obama even though she asks us to. (And just so you know — this isn’t her fault — it is entirely Obama’s fault.)

We recognize that campaigns are hard fought and politics isn’t bean bag. But, Sen. Obama’s campaign is the first I have ever seen or experienced where not only was the character of his opponent impugned but so was the character of all her supporters. We, the 18 million people who voted for Sen. Clinton have been called racists, b*tches, Archie Bunker Democrats, ignorant and so much more. We have been vilified, harassed and threatened. Going to a caucus was dangerous, and the intimidation tactics were intense. You, members of the Democratic Party do not understand that our anger is not about our candidate not winning, it is about being abused by fellow Democrats and no one, not Obama or you or DNC leadership standing up to put a stop to it. Some of you were even subjected to the same threats and coercion and did nothing except endorse Obama to get it to stop.

Well, we have more backbone than you, but less power. While we no longer have the power of our primary vote as you have cut us in half, allowed us to be bullied at caucuses, and simply ignored our will, we still have the power of our general election vote. It’s the one thing you can’t get from us no matter your strategy. If you nominate Sen. Clinton we will vote for her in a heartbeat, because we do not like McCain at all. We are loyal Dems — or used to be. But, nominate Obama and we will donate, canvass and vote for McCain. We will not vote for Obama under any circumstance because it would be reckless to vote for a candidate who threatens me for my vote instead of appeals to me for it. I cannot disrespect myself by voting for a man who has shown me no decency. Sen. Obama has run his campaign like a wife batterer, and now is the time when you come crawling back saying your sorry, asking for forgiveness. Go to any shelter — they’ll tell you that leaving is our only option.

I’m embarrassed to be a Democrat, and embarrassed that you are pursuing a path of nominating a candidate who is a worse candidate than GW Bush. I didn’t think that was even possible. This new brand of Soros, Move-on Democrat is so far left that it approaches the wacky right. I’m a Martin Luther King Democrat and I believe he would be appalled by the Obama candidacy. Remember it was MLK who said — “It is not the color of one’s skin but the content of one’s character that matters most.”

There is still time to nominate Sen. Clinton. I hope you realize that Sen. Obama is unelectable before August 25th.