Sunday, June 15, 2008

The RED MAP....

This is my fathers day gift to all the dads voting John McCain. It Is a pretty red map. Yes there are a couple blue spots on it, but you have to admit red is the main color. Don't forget to vote in the AOL Straw poll if you haven't already. Another reminder, over at they had up a promotion called "Make it Rain for McCain".... Asking everyone to donate on July 4th, $5.44. I see it has changed on the front page and it is at the bottom....

"On July 4, 2008, we want at least 1 million Hillary Clinton supporters to send John McCain $5.44. This is a small amount for all of us and we can send it easy. If we can get 1 million people to donate this amount, then we will have sent the Democrat Party a signal they cannot ignore."

I think it is a good idea..July 4th...Give to the campaign of a true American Hero...If you have a blog and are not going to vote for Obama sign up at Just Say No Deal and get your name on the list of blogs turning down Barack Obama. The list is growing and it is a good place to find friends to talk with about the election and other things going on.

Have a happy fathers day and enjoy your Sunday......

A add on gift.....have you seen the press release from McCain for 6/14/08?....


The list is long but I am posting it anyway...I see it as a list of people to support, just a nice email thanking them if they are in your state.

Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson (Arizona)
Former Arizona State Legislator Phil Hubbard (Arizona)
Mammoth Mayor Craig Williams (Arizona)
Former Arizona LULAC Director Ray Gans (Arizona)
Democratic 25th Precinct Chair Silverio "Silver" Salazar (Colorado)
Adviser to Democratic Presidential Candidates and Georgetown University Professor Robert Lieber (District of Columbia)
Blogger on Renee Slater (Florida)
Former Sheriff of Highlands County Howard Godwin (Florida)
Jewish Outreach Adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton Rabbi Cheryl Jacobs
Georgia Political Director for Gore-Lieberman '00 Joseph O'Farrell Jr. (Georgia)
Former Democratic Des Moines County Chair Bruce Shulte (Illinois)
Former State Representative Brian Golden (Massachusetts)
Commander of Newport Memorial-VFW Post 1119 Francis Harding, Jr. (Maine)
Former Palmyra Budget Committee Member Herb Bates (Maine)
Former Lt. Governor and State Supreme Court Justice Alexander "Sandy" Keith (Minnesota)
Former U.S Representative and 2002 Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny (Minnesota)
Former State Representative Steve Wenzel (Minnesota)
City Clerk Judi May (Mississippi)
County Supervisor Gary Dearman (Mississippi)
Alderman Bill Mosby (Mississippi)
Former State Representative Jim Gamache (Missouri)
Presiding Commissioner in New Madrid County, Clyde Hawes (Missouri)
Former Concord Mayor Bill Veroneau (New Hampshire)
Former Democratic Mayor of Waterford Township George Fallon (New J ersey)
Former Democratic Committeeman in Warren Township Jeffrey Golkin (New Jersey)
Former State Chair of Environmentalists for Clinton-Gore 1992 Roberta Weisbrod (New York)
Former Majority Leader in the State Senate David Carlin (Rhode Island)
Former Texas Democratic Party Chairman Roy Orr (Texas)
Elected National Delegate for Senator Hillary Clinton Debra Bartoshevich (Wisconsin)
Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Frye (West Virginia)