Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am findingout.............UPDATE>>

What I am finding out as I go around the internet is that some people still have not heard about or read about Black Liberal Theology. I haven't really looked to see if more has been written about it lately. Black Liberal Theology, if you didn't know, is and was what has been taught at Senator Barack Obama's church by Rev. J. Wright. I found this on the subject awhile back. Here is a Google search page. There are some good pieces there and some that aren't so good. Yes I know he left the it was his home church that he went to for 20 years. Has he ever answered the question....Does he lives by this theology?....he went there for so long one would think he must. Here is a piece by Marie Jon written back in February of this year. I will do some looking and if I find anything that is worth posting I will.


Earlier this week something happen and it never really got covered by the MSM so I thought I would write a little about it. It has to do with Dan Boren. I first heard about it on the radio and the person reporting pointed out that he would not endorse Mr. Obama but would vote for him in Denver. Here is what I found at one web site.

Dan Boren Won't Endorse Obama

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Democratic Rep. Dan Boren says he will not endorse Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the presidential race.

Boren is one of 10 superdelegates from Oklahoma. He says he plans to vote Democratic in the presidential election but that he will not endorse anyone in the race.

Boren says Hillary Clinton carried his 2nd Congressional District by 66 % in the state's presidential primary. Statewide, Clinton won the Democratic primary with 55 % of the vote. But she has suspended her campaign and Obama is the presumptive nominee.

He says he will vote with the rest of Oklahoma's delegation to nominate Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Boren says his district is much more conservative than Obama, whom he described as the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate.

Boren says he has to reflect the people of his district.

Now what I would like to know is how his voting for Obama in Denver is reflecting the voters in his district? Remember who won?...."Boren says Hillary Clinton carried his 2nd Congressional District by 66 % in the state's presidential primary" What is happening here is what happened all over the United States. The voters vote one way and the superdelegates vote another. He is up for reelection and does not want to loose. Notice how he is talking out both sides of his mouth? He won't endorse, he has to reflect the people of his district, he will vote with the rest of Oklahoma's delegation to nominate Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.That DOES NOT reflect the people of his district. Please look at this map from CNN and tell me who you think won more districts in Oklahoma. Oh my, Obama won 1 county out of the whole state! Big winner isn't he? Yes he is when the superdelegates are the decider's in the race. The voters are the losers in this election no matter how you look at it. Our votes don't count!!!

Here is piece I found about Boren from News Busters.

Dem Congressman's Refusal to Endorse 'Liberal' Obama Goes Largely Ignored

What we saw in the primary coming from the media will continue throughout the GE. Don't fall for the lies. Do your own research....."Get out and vote in November" is something I like to tell people but after we were all disenfranchised in the primary by the way superdelegates did not reflect the peoples votes in the states that clearly went for Clinton, I think it is even more important than ever. If they didn't listen the first time around we will tell them again....
NO Obama!!!

The Obama Holdouts


Obama moves DNC operations to Chicago

In a major shakeup at the Democratic National Committee -- and a departure from tradition -- large parts of the committee's operations are relocating to Chicago to be fully integrated with the Obama campaign.

The DNC's political department, housed in Washington, D.C., will be dramatically rebuilt, with staffers offered a choice of moving to Chicago, joining state operations, or staying in Washington, DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney said.

But the power will clearly be shifting to a centralized Chicago hub.

The DNC's key role in coordinating political operations with state parties is expected to largely be taken over and overseen by Obama's senior staff in Chicago, state party officials said.

"This is part of the implementation of the plans Paul [Tewes] discussed last week with the state party chairs," Finney said. "As part of the efforts to fully integrate DNC operations with the Obama campaign here in Washington, in Chicago and in the states, political, field and constituency operations are moving to Chicago to work in the Obama headquarters. The goal is to consolidate these efforts into one operation and effectively drive one national strategy."

People familiar with the plan said that state party staffers paid for under Howard Dean's 50 State Program would be shifted to working for the presidential campaign, at least in targeted battleground states.

The move reflects Obama's desire to maintain an unusually streamlined campaign, as well as his swift and complete takeover of a Democratic Party that isn't always known for its unity. The move may also save the campaign money, as the Obama campaign can use DNC salaries and staff to pay for elements of its organizing campaign and avoid some of the duplication that has often dogged presidential efforts.



stucow said...

Almost the entire Oklahoma group of Super Delegates voted for Obama save one, I believe it was Betty McElderry. That was a slap in the face for the voters, the majority of whom supported Clinton. I see Boren as playing both sides of the fence at this point.

My thoughts are that the voting of the majority f the Oklahoma SDs was related to the strength of the Republicans and their Clinton Derangement Syndrome as well as the influence of big money people like George Kaiser in the state.

Once again it is seen that most of the Democratic leadership in Oklahoma is spineless and unprincipled. Senator Clinton was right in commenting that many of her supporters are invisible. I feel that way.

not a dem anymore said...


We are invisible...We have one more vote in this election..I will use it to vote for McCain ...I do not TRUST Obama....He is moving the DNC to Chicago where all of his shady friends are....

stucow said...

I will be supporting McCain whole heartedly as well.It helps that I have always liked him.

not a dem anymore said...

I will have no problem with it. I see McCain being a much better person to run this country than Obama.