Saturday, June 7, 2008

Did it unite?

Clinton endorses Obama, calls for party unity
Clinton endorses Obama, calls for party unity

They have a poll there

Did Hillary Clinton's speech unite?


Show them how strong we are!!!! We will not vote for man with no experience!!!!

Give to McCain..

Sign up at McCains Site..

Please go and watch this at McCain's site. Strategy Briefing..


Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Contest Remains Tight

Interactive Graph: Follow the General Election


For your late Saturday reading enjoyment.....

Barack Obama sought the New Party's endorsement knowing it was a radical left organization



Anonymous said...

I loved that strategy briefing on McCain's website. It would be such a great moment if they could actually win California. Could you imagine?

Anything around 50% gives McCain the presidency.

Here's to hoping!


not a dem anymore said...

I enjoyed it to...I would love to see John win California!!!!

I know it is hard to post at McCain's site but I read in the comments there that it should be fixed shortly...form the comments...

TO ALL NEWCOMERS,.....Please be patient with the slowness of the site and th problems you might be having posting comments. The slowness and other technical problems will be corrected shortly....As for the problems getting comments to post, there are some common words that are rejected for a variety of reasons. Some examples are treat ment, doc ument, Satur day, and there are many others. Just be patient and while looking for the problem words in your post, look for words you haven't seen posted here, and also try posting part of the comment, and then the rest. This will help you isolate the offending word. Good luck.


I have to say I don't understand why those words would be blocked but oh well...

stucow said...

I was wondering how Californians felt about Obama and if the Governator might be able to bring California on for McCain too.

not a dem anymore said...

Sorry that trash was on here...

I have a son in the military too. He is voting McCain....McCain also has a son who has been fighting in Iraq so don't leave your anti-war shit here. No one wants war and McCain has done more to help our troops than Obama. We all want peace, you are crazy if you don't. There is a way to get our troops home safely and I don't trust Obama to do it.