Sunday, June 1, 2008

SUNDAY MORNING TALK 6/1/08.. Dean Update

Did Howard Dean call Gerry F. a racist while he was speaking on "This Week" with George...I had it on the television but was not listening close....I saw it commented about so I am waiting for the video to be put up at ABC.... Here is the comment I am referring to...

I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Dean is on there with James Roosevelt from the rules committee patting themselves on the back about how united the Dems are now - what a great day yesterday was for the party. My God - the arrogance.

Then Stephoplous brought up an editorial by Geraldine Ferraro and Dean just stuck it good to her - basically said he wasn't going to respond to a racist. Unbelievable!!!

People better really stand up to this apparent coup that is taking place to our party. These people are out of control. Kind of reminds me of the Neocon coup in the Republican Party. Very, very scary, especially the doctrainaire righteousness that is driving it.

Obama's people know how to work the system and take a stand.

I hope Clinton supporter's and the core of the Democratic Party will no longer choose to be complacent in this.
comment by JS

I will update this post after I get a chance to listen to what he said...

UPDATE: What Dean said......

About Gerry....I am not going to respond to Gerry F review on race because
I think they have been outside the mainstream and unhelpful but I will respond
to ....then he went on to talk about sexism....Listen here.....I did NOT here him say she was racist ..

Well I was shocked yesterday when I was reading at Greta Wire and found she was linked to my blog.....Hey Greta! ((((WAVE)))).....I love her blog...she put up a lot of pictures from DC should go check it out and see what she is talking about today.