Friday, May 23, 2008

About the FAKE SITE!

I am getting e-mails from people calling me a fake, Hey it is not my site.
FAKE SITE .....if you are reading this at McCain Dem/Clinton Republican, that is my site.


Hi: Well I feel like throwing my hand in the air and say to hell with it all. These people in Ohio who were on Fox told me OK to start a website. Well I did, and now they are saying it is fake. If it is fake, why did they sent me a news release that I posted on the web site. I think all those people want is just the power and glory. I don't see anything that they are doing. They have no plans except we got thousand of people - where are they. Well if I have to distance myself from them, so be it. I do have a plan - the plan is simple. We will email all those on the DNC rules committee and tell them to seat Mi and Fl. Once we have done that, then we are going after the super delegates.  I now have a list of all of the member of the rules committee and also the super delegates with their emails. You know those people in Ohio sound sorta like Obama. All these promises and no idea how to do it. You folks tell me what to do and I will be glad to do it. I had no idea that this was coming to that and all I wanted to do was just get the information out there. I have fought hard for Hillary and I will continue to do so. Words ain't worth nothing but action is and that is what I am doing. Thanks Ed

paste this link in your browser if you want to be removed from this email list.
Then this.....

Hi All: I have been doing some thinking (that is dangerous for me) about how we can do a better job with this outfit. Here are some of the ideas:

1). Elect us a spokesperson.
If you want to be the spokespersons for this outfit, then send me a picture and
a recording on why you support Hillary. Once I receive all of these, I will post
them on the web site and we will all vote on who it will be. This person job will
be to go on TV and radio and tell our story. PS already had one major network
wanting me to go on but I am not interested in becoming a star.
2). We need to elect one of you who can be our press agent. This would require that
you write up press releases, get appearance for our spokesperson on radio and TV.
Send me a bio of yourself and why you could do this job and once again we will
3). We need 3 or 4 researcher. We need people who can find out information for us.If
you can do this send me a email.
4). I think we need to change our name. Since the people in Ohio has raised such a
stink about us being a "fake" web site. Email me your thoughts on that.
5). is the email address you need to use for the above.


I am going to give you another email address you can use for all of the above. Please
send all of it too I also put up a new pages on the web site last night, it is called "Our Plans". Take a look at that and give me your thoughts

One more thing, one of our member has sent me a hot new video from YouTube you just got to watch. It is on the YouTube page under hot new video.

Well that about covers everything I have my mind, now tell me what you have on your mind. Go Hillary -ED
So now these are coming in.....

1."Please delete me from you list - you are a pretender."

2."please remove me from the list too.

On 23 May 2008, at 4:04 PM, Kathleen A Lahey wrote:

please remove me from your list "
So I guess this guy is giving out my e-mail and people are contacting me...what the hell is going on!

I posted before a link to get removed from this FAKE SITE!



jslatt said...

Good luck with that mess. I hope you can get out of it soon.

Heard your email on Corbett- were you listening to Jan from Wilmington:-)))

30yrdem said...

I have been listening to all of the show but I got a phone call..I might have missed it..what did you say?

I have been writing him all through the show and he is writing me back. I won't post it or share because it would make some mad.(Corbett might not like it if I did)

jslat said...

I'm a little tired of the last thread at TM- Do you know if Lou Dobbs is on tonight?

30yrdem said...

I don't know, the guide shows he will be, if it is him or a fill in I don't know.

jslat said...

I talked about her apology to the Kennedys & that she doesn't owe an apology to anyone else for stating a fact. I also quoted BO's comments in the FLA interview re: seating delegates, etc.

I can't always listen to Corbett- when I'm in the office, etc. But when I can, I really enjoy him!!

30yrdem said...

Oh me to, I will e-mail you my e-mail to Corbett and his reply, it really isn't much.But it is at the same time.


I wonder if that was you. I have so much going on.....

30yrdem said...

Sent it!

jslat said...

It's hard to keep up with everything, isn't it? My daughter's having problems with her pregnancy- 1st child at age 34. I try not to worry but...
I'd like to read the emails BTW. HOw is this all going to turn out? I just donated to HRC again- really want her as nominee.

jslat said...

Just checked Lou Dobbs- it's Kitty standing in.

Monday's show should be good with him after Obama's FLA comments & the stupid furor over HRC's comment today.

30yrdem said...

Did you watch Lou last night? The Media matters guy...It sounded like Obama was getting his talking points from them.

30yrdem said...

FL. law suit...I have know idea how this will turn out but I am hoping...we can still hope.

jslat said...

No didn't catch Lou last night- Media matters?? Doesn't Obama get his talking points from EVERYONE ;-))

30yrdem said...

Media matter said something about Lou at their site about how he always talks about 'illegal' Hispanics and never anything good about them ....Lou was MAD! Now Obama says this ....he will let him have it....I am sure.

jslat said...

Just turned on tv- Nader is on CSPAN- ripping into Demo party- if they can't pull off a landslide victory in the election, they need to move out of the way for new parties!

30yrdem said...

going to eat a bite...

jslat said...

Noe Obama in FLA is on- not going to watch THAT again!

jslat said...


30yrdem said...

really i will change my channel

30yrdem said...

bo is on my c-span