Sunday, May 4, 2008


Did you catch Senator Clinton on 'This Week' with George Stephanopoulos? Most of the questions in the beginning came from George but then they did start taking questions from the audience. The audience was made up of people from Indiana and North Carolina. A student ask if we should move on from the Reverend Wright and Hillary says "yes we should." The problem is, as I see it, the republicans will not drop it as the student wishes. This is politics not a singing or dance contest. I wonder if that student remembers what ended Howard Deans run. One booyah in front of a crowd that was caught on film played over and over by the networks. Then you have John Kerry, he went wind surfing, that did him in. Obama has referred to whites as "Typical White Person"...Then you have 'they cling to guns, religion and have antipathy to people who don't look like them.' Obama contradicts himself every time he is confronted with Rev. Wright. To me that is much worse than a booyah or wind surfing. He is always saying what he needs to say to get votes. His judgment is in question and not just over the reverend. Of course he knew what the reverend was like, he went to his church for 17/20 years. He only got rid of the reverend after he showed up all over the place and Obama had to. Have you looked at Jake's Political Punch yet today? Take the time it is worth it. We will here this stuff all through the GE if Obama is the nominee of even if he shares the ticket as Clinton's VP. Obama has only won a single large state , his home state of Ill. The longer the reverend is around the lower he drops in the polls. Yes, I am going to say it again, If Obama is the nominee we will be saying 'President McCain.'

Moving on.........I didn't watch Meet The Press but if you want a break down you can get it at The Page or you can go here to watch.

More later.......

Did you see Gov. Richardson on Late Edition..."He won Guam" like it was a big win...the come back was....well we aren't going to win the White House with Guam.....Have you seen this yet today.........Guam Caucus Drama Continues With 'Spoiled Ballots' And 'Missing Ballots' in it you will find.......A long two days of voting and counting on Guam culminated in Barack Obama defeating Hillary Clinton by a mere 7 votes, figures are are yet uncertified by the Democratic Nominating Committee. With 500 'spoiled ballots' and an issue of missing ballots, the race is far from over.

At issue is the small margin of victory of Obama. The senator won over his rival Clinton by just seven votes, but well over 500 ballots were deemed invalid during the tabulation process.

Perez said they will not certify the results because the committee needs to ensure that all uncounted ballots were properly identified as "spoiled.

She said officials from the party and representatives from both candidates will meet probably Monday or Tuesday to address that issue. The committee will also investigate the missing ballots.

We will see how it all works out in a few days........To get Late Edition podcast go here. It takes awhile for the new show to be put up on Itunes and it is not the entire show.

Fox News Sunday has not aired but The Page has this..........Dean defended DNC anti-McCain ads against Wallace’s charge they’re unfair. Said pushing the Rev. Wright issue is “race-baiting.” Said Fox’s news operation is biased, but not Wallace.

I think Dean is doing the race-baiting....After all didn't Obama say it was a legitimate issue on FNS. I will be watching Dean later on FNS....

On Face The Nation they started out with the Reverend Wright...Clyburn was up need to watch it on line when they get it up later.....

jslat, You might want to read this from FOX.

Democratic Party Leader Defends Anti-McCain Ads



Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D. said...

Thank you for the link to MTP!
I also wanted you to know that people seem quite sincere in their desire to have your voice back over at TM. Since announcing that we were seeking donations today to show support for your return, many people have donated.

I do respect your right to stay away, and I do not mean to pressure you - only to let you know that you are missed. I don't think anybody meant to offend you, although as I wrote on a thread, I can understand why you were bothered.

Take care, HLF

pcwood said...

Good Post.
I do hope you will reconsider and continue commenting at Taylor Marsh.
Although I am not one of the most active ones at TM, and somewhat invisible, I do read the comments and have always liked that yours were very informative and very respectful. Those are the ones I read carefully.
I frankly do feel there are times when the comments are too critical of fellow bloggers and serve no purpose. There is not one person at TM who has not made a mistake and there will be more made but so what. We are all passionate about Hillary and that's what is important.
Thanks for all you do.

Nomobama said...

Hi 30yrdem,

I hope that you decide to post your comments again on Taylor Marsh. I wasn't aware that you had decided to not do so until today.

I went back through the blogs to find what offended you. I know that some people questioned what you posted. I didn't see anything that seemed like an attack on you, you some honest questioning about the results since they appeared to be different from some other information that was available to the people on the site.

I realize that your post in question was an honest mistake. Please don't let this prevent you from posting on the Taylor Marsh site. Her website is best when there are many people posting their comments. I hope that you reconsider because I believe no one meant to offend you in any way. Use Hillary as your example. She gets blasted with negative comments all the time, but she still shows her face, which is one of the things that I like about her. She is resilient, and I hope that you are also.

By the way, I haven't visited your blog before, but I intend on doing so in the future. I have saved your blog as a favorite. You obviously put a lot of effort into it.

Best wishes,

jslat said...

Thanks for link to Face the Nation. It was impossible to keep up with all the shows this am. Clyburn seemed to "soften" his rhetoric, don't you think? Also, Loved Bob Schifer's opinion piece. He is one of the newscaters I can trust to do a measured piece of reporting & opinion.

jslat said...

P.S. I'll check your blog re Dean on FNS- somehow I just don't want to hear him. He's such a disappointment as chair.

30yrdem said...

jslat, I put up a piece from Fox about Dean,you might want to read it.

I am going to open comments..They will post so if you put your e-mail it will post....I can remove it if it happens on accident.

jslat said...

Strange how Dean kind of flip flops as the process goes along- not ok to talk to Fox, ok to talk to Fox-- and other things.
He must be so worried about lack of funds but can't get around his anti-Clinton bias to allow FL MI to be democratically resolved. Which I think is the major issue for low donations to DNC (besides the obscene amount of money the candidates are pulling in.)
I really want to hear your read on the interview tonight- I'll check in after I finish walking the dog & having my dinner.

30yrdem said...

I have a youtube up of dean above. The show is on now.

30yrdem said...

Well shit... I sat here and covered the whole show and my wireless keeps dropping out and I lost it

jslat said...

I couldn't resist & watched FNS- biggest chuckle was Dean's "Biased Coverage" comment re: ok to refuse debate on Fox. There was no referee from DNC addressing the liberal media bias Hillary faced. Again, more evidence of Dean's crowd's anti-Clinton "bias."

I enjoyed the round-table portion in the last 1/2 hour. I like to see Britt now giving Juan Williams a little more respect- Met JW and spent some time with him in 1998 when he was the soeaker at a national conference I was involved with.

jslat said...

will post under Fox News 5/4/08. I won't have to scroll down-