Saturday, May 3, 2008


Officials Say Recount Is 'Imminent'

9:30 a.m. Guam - The Democrat Party Nominating Committee said officials will look over the large amount of "spoiled ballots" in the coming days.

At issue is the small margin of victory of Senator Barack Obama. He beat his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton by 7 votes, but well over 500 ballots were deemed invalid during the tabulation process.

Herbie Perez, chairman of the nominating committee, said she will not certify the results because the Committee needs to ensure that all the uncounted ballots were properly identified as "spoiled."

She said officials from the Party and representatives from both candidates will meet probably Monday or Tuesday to address that issue.

Perez revealed she is also looking into the missing ballots.

More than 8,100 were printed in response to reports of shortages at precinct sites. But when the final tally came in, only a little over 4,500 ballots were used.

Guam is coming in slow....
From Cnn
% in.........95%

Obama wins by 7 total from CNN yet

For updates on line....KAUM
Even the Kentucky Derby wasn't this close. In the strangest of circumstances that could only bring about the closest of races, Hillary Clinton finished with 49.9% of the vote in the Guam Democratic Caucus, just 7 votes shy of Barack Obama's 50.1%. While Obama led for the vast majority of the night's tallying, Clinton needed a strong finish in Dededo, Guam's most populous village. And she did.

or go here.....Guam PrimaryResults

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BREAKING NEWS 8:50 a.m. - Obama wins Guam caucus

8:50 a.m. — When all of the ballots were finally counted -- a process that lasted through the night until well after the sun was up -- Sen. Barack Obama had the most votes from Guam Democrats in the party’s caucus held yesterday.

Obama finished with 2,264 votes to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 2,257 votes – a 7-point difference. Obama never trailed from the first vote count on.

Sen. Hillary Clinton took 18 votes in Ordot, 22 in Maina, 87 in Inarajan, 33 in Asan, 87 in Chalan Pago, 73 in Santa Rita, 81 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 29 votes in Hagåtña, 166 in Barrigada, 33 in Merizo, 51 in Piti, 89 in Sinajana, 105 in Agana Heights, 155 in Mangilao, 193 in Tamuning, 24 in Umatac, 52 in Talofofo, 211 in Yigo, 98 in Yona and 141 in Agat for a total of 1,748 votes.

Obama got 37 votes in Ordot, 19 in Maina, 151 in Inarajan, 46 in Asan, 55 in Chalan Pago, 87 in Santa Rita, 102 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 28 in Hagåtña, 158 in Barrigada, 36 in Merizo, 49 in Piti, 131 in Sinajana, 108 in Agana Heights, 194 in Sinajana, 192 in Tamuning, 27 in Umatac, 76 in Talofofo, 224 in Yigo, 104 in Yona and 127 in Agat for a total of 1,951 votes.


Zogby Poll: Obama Lead in NC Shrinks; He and Clinton Remain Deadlocked in Indiana

To many polls to cover so go here to get them all or most anyway.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Hillary Clinton and John McCain essentially tied—Clinton attracts 45% of the vote while McCain earns 44%. At the same time, McCain leads Barack Obama 48% to 43%

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Superdelegate Duel Saturday

Clinton ...............I
Clinton gets Maryland’s former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

South Carolina Education Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum
New Mexico State Party Chair and superdelegate Brian S. Colón
Former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening


jslat said...

30yrdem please come back- you wouldn't believe all the crying and screaming since you posted you weren't going to post any more..

30yrdem said...


No all will get by just fine without me. Someone will take over keeping tabs I am sure. You make a mistake at TM and everyone comes down hard....don't need it.

Anonymous said...

30yrdem I make all kinds of mistakes and sometimes I get made fun of, I really enjoy your energy and dedication to Hillary and that is what most of us at Taylor Marsh are about, besides you did not make a mistake, someone else saw that on cnn as well, we really miss your input please come back we need you Hillary needs you.
Please think about it.
They are having a recount in Guam and there is real hope so please lets stay strong for each other!
If you don't come back, I want you to know I appreciate all you have done to help us!

Bud White said...

Hey there, I wasn't around to know what happened, but you are an important part of that community. I've been jumped on there for things I've said and I couldn't figure out why. Don't let one bad apple ruin it. We need your energy. Seriously. Do it for me, do for Hillary.

janicen said...

30yrdem, please come back to TM. I was there, nobody came down hard. People were excited and confused. Everyone makes mistakes, even Hillary, but she never lets that stop her.

Hillary's election is more important than anything and you are an integral part of it. If I stopped posting because of some of the stupid things I have said on blogs, well, I'd have a much cleaner house!

Please come back. Nobody's talking about the mistake. You know how fast the comments go, they've moved on seven or eight times since this afternoon.

ann said...

Please come back to TM...we've been asking for you and about you all evening. CNN is the pits...

Hype-Jersey said...

I'm going to throw myself on a pile of empty Guam ballots and set everything on fire if you don't come back to TM!

Anonymous said...

Hey 30yr dem! Don't let some jerk keep you way from TM. I'm a long time lurker and would be disappointed not to see you there. I really appreciated what you were doing for us.

Everyone's tense with excitement and anticipation. I think we're all likely to go off here and there. We need to be like Hillary and let it roll off our backs. One bad egg, and all.

Hope to see you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there. May I offer a friendly word of advice? Sleep well. Give it some thought, and give us another chance. When you're well-rested, come on over to TM and re-read the posts. I admit I was gone for a fair time during dinner and was surprised at what had transpired during my break (I leave for a few minutes and all h-e-double toothpicks breaks loose!). So of course being the nosey woman I am, I spent a fair portion of the evening NOT reading about Guam or NC or IN or anything else, but poring over previous posts to see what I'd missed. My Friend, (oops, sorry...Johnny Mack ruined that phrase for me. But really, we are all of us friends at TM), I think it's been a hard day. Read the posts again, if you can. I think, with a clear head, you will find there was no one intending to come down hard on you. You are much loved in our little family of friends. Truly. Come see for yourself.

sagesgram said...

Hey, your buds at TM are beautiful, passionate people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and right now everyone is in high gear, emotional as hell, and missing you like crazy. You always hurt the one you love, 30yeardem, because you feel that love is reciprocal and will always be there. So come on, love us back, I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't post a lot at TM, I have been an avid lurker for months now. You are one of my favorite people there. I really appreciate the numerous links you provide and make it a point to always read through what 30yrdem deems important. I was not online this afternoon when you announced you weren't posting anymore because I was out doing yard work, but when I heard you were gone this evening, my mood plunged. You are a HUGE part of the community, 30yrdem. Please find it in your heart to work out the differences with whomever it was who offended you. Hillary and I need you back at TM. plumgang

Anonymous said...


I am mostly a lurker at TM, have been so for months. But your postings are some of my favorites and I really miss you there. I guess I will have to start lurking on your site, too. But I hope you come back. Read all the comments after you left and you will know how sad we are. Please keep in mind how much stress everyone has right now and I hope you give us another chance. We are a very diversified group, but I know that we all care for each HRC and her campaign and we need you there with us.

Just a "lurkers" viewpoint.


lorac said...

30yr - I wish you would come back to TM. I haven't read what actually transpired, who jumped on you, etc, but I heard about it.

I think to some extent it's like a family there, and sometimes in families people behave badly. Sometimes obnoxious guests are visiting. Sometimes emotions get high and hurtful communication results between people who are a team.

Please consider coming back. You're a big part of the family.

Anonymous said...

hey ,please come back ,we are like a family and each one of us can get a lil rude like it happens all the time at everyone's home but we cannot leave our family memebers,in the same stride dont leave us ,we need you ,now give us a smile and i apologize u on behalf of all those who got carried away and got rude!!!

Anonymous said...

30yrDem, Please come back to TM.
What happened was the threads move so fast, you know that!!! When some of us posted that the numbers looked wrong (like me), we weren't reading all the other posts previously on that said the same thing!! We are all sooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!


slat said...

I'm sorry to hear that- I just "lurked" at TM for a few months- I always enjoyed your posts. Lots of folks there do, too. I'll keep up with you here if you don't come back to TM. Stay Safe

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker atTM's blog and a forein national here itTX. I am a huge Hillary fan and have been wanting
to donate to her cause ever since but can't do it legally so Ive been donating to TM's blog instead whenever you
guys are having online drive. I follow everything on TM and I read what happened this morning. It is disheartening
to learn that you will not post there anymore. I hope you will reconsider since you've been a huge help to the
bloggers and lurkers alike. I appreciate all the tallying you've been doing for them and the info you've been posting.
It will be a great day for me if i see you post there again soon...

Thank you for all you've been doing for Hillary and her fans.