Friday, May 30, 2008


The first thing I read today is worth passing on. While it may not be from RCP or the NYT I think it is important. It is titled Popular vote campaign gains popularity and comes to us from Boston it Wayne Woodlief quotes Rep. Marty Walsh almost at the end....

“We’re preaching democracy all over the world, but our voting doesn’t always reflect that . . . We have a chance to make sure the vote of every man and woman counts.

While they are talking about the GE in this piece I believe this should apply to the primary vote...Take a look at this piece if you have time, Wayne starts out by saying.....

"What? Barack Obama just creamed John McCain in the nationwide popular vote, but McCain prevails because he won in the Electoral College?

What? California went for a Republican for the first time since 1988, giving McCain a decisive 55 electoral votes?

Neither scenario is implausible. The referendum in California to reverse a state Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage seems certain to bring out hundreds of thousands of conservative voters. And if enough irate Hillary Clinton voters carry out their threats to sit out the election or even vote for McCain, ol’ Mac would be in clover."


Supers for Friday



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You are going to want to read this by Thomas B. Edsall, it is at Huffy Post....

Ickes At The Alamo: Clinton's Delegate Counter Warns Of Defections At DNC Meeting

From the page.....some Clinton-backing members of the Rules and Bylaws Committee aren’t planning on voting her way. If all of Clinton’s supporters on the committee aren’t in line, seating the two state’s entire delegations with a full vote each would face almost certain defeat.


Our votes don't matter for diddley shit! Why do we bother anymore...They have taken away our rights yet again....When we vote and the pledged delegates go to the person according to the amount of votes received that is fine....but in a race this close and a state goes for someone by something like 41% and the supers for the state go to the loser they are going against the wishes of the voters...well their votes did not matter....I live in a state where this is taking place and I will not support these people in future elections. All I have to say to these people who are doing this is you are disgusting! Superdelegates are not meant to follow pledged delegates, I know... but what are you saying to the people who voted...remember these are the voters who put you in office also.....see if we do it again!


Maybe more later..........