Thursday, May 15, 2008


Operation turn down comes from WILK-FM in PA. Corbett has started an on-line campaign to say we will not let the elites in Washington shove Obama down our throats. It is Hillary Clinton or we won't vote.....or vote John McCain in November. How ever you want to do it in November. Be sure to listen at 3pm -7pm est. tomorrow. E-mail him, call if you can and let him know we won't vote for Obama and tell him why. Stand up and be heard!

To e-mail go to this page and click on Contact Us pick Corbett and tell him why you won't vote Obama. This is just getting started.....There is a link on the left for Operation Turn Down for the future.


BJ said...

There is no way in hell I'll vote for Obama.

Good judgement and good research lays it all out. No to Obama.

Leahlex said...

I wouldn't vote for Obama if they were giving away free cars for a vote . Vote No for Obama

Anonymous said...

let's see here, we have people dying in a war that we don't belong in, gas prices at an all time high, people losing their homes , the economy on the brink of recession, high costs and inflation through the roof, and we're worried about obama calling a woman reporter "sweetie". aren't their bigger issues we should be focusing on? like how each candidate is going to address theses issues. i think a vote for mccain would be cutting off your nose despite your face, but i guess some would be ok with that as long as it's done "politely"

Anonymous said...

sorry for the misspelled words above, as i am sure that will be pointed out.