Thursday, May 1, 2008

FIVE MORE DAYS.........................UPDATED>>

Five more days till Indiana and North Carolina go to the polls. I am glad this primary season has reached these states. I have heard said it has been 40 years since Indiana mattered in the primaries. How exciting it must be for them. I have to admit it I get excited thinking about it, I know it is silly but isn't this what America is about? Letting the voices of the people be heard. That is what they will be getting to do after 40 years,they will have a voice in this election. I read this morning at The Page where someone had jumped ship from Hillary to Obama. His reason was sad.....

“I am convinced that the primary process has devolved to the point that it’s now bad for the Democratic Party.”

Well I am convinced, as a voter and an American, it is important for Indiana and North Carolina and Kentucky and all the states that are left to have a voice, to be able to not only feel they are included in the process of choosing the next President but to actually be included in the process of choosing the next President of the United States. Are we going to disenfranchise them like Florida and Michigan? If the first few states in the primaries are going to pick the president every election then why bother? Is that what Americans really want?... NO!... All Americans deserve to have a voice and Joe Andrew is trying to stop the voice of the people. Don't let him get away with it America. Stand up and say let my voice be heard in this election. Are they so out of touch in Washington? I believe they are. We are tired of Washington picking our candidate every four years. This is one decision we all need to be able to have a chance to vote in. They make decisions for us everyday in Washington and we want to decide who will be making those decisions. Joe Andrew, you need to keep your mouth shut and let the people vote!.... If you don't let the people be included in the primary process that will hurt the Democratic Party more than you will ever know, Joe Andrew..... Now that, I am truly convinced of! Why in America, are they trying to suppress the voice of the people? God help us.......

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The Game of Expedience

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From Badboys To Bedboys - with O'Reilly, Hannity & Rush...(LOVE THIS)

Superdelegate Count For The Day

Clinton is expected to get Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen.

Clinton nabs four New York supers — Attorney General Cuomo, Comptroller DiNapoli, former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo — after state elects its add-ons.

She is also expected to get Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen.

via The Page

Superdel Andrew leaves Clinton camp for Obama.

Don't miss 3 of 100 @ The Page

Poll: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama in tight race for N.C. votes
Obama 49, Clinton 42, undecided 9
Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. surveyed 400 likely Democratic voters Monday and Tuesday. The results show Obama with a 7 point lead over Clinton, with 9 percent undecided. The poll has a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Indiana: Clinton 46% Obama 41%

North Carolina: Obama 51% Clinton 37%

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the Wright impact is especially evident. Clinton now has a statistically insignificant two-point edge over Obama, 46% to 44%. However, that represents a ten-point swing since Wright’s press conference. Before Pastor Wright appeared at the National Press Club, Obama led Clinton by eight points

Election 2008: New Hampshire Presidential Election
The new Granite State numbers show McCain leading Clinton by three percentage points, 47% to 44%. A month ago, the former First Lady was trailing by six.

As for Obama, he now trails McCain by ten percentage points, 51% to 41%. A month ago, he was within three of the presumptive Republican nominee. Two months ago, at the height of Obamamania, Obama led McCain here by thirteen points.

Fox Poll
4/28-4/29 '08

CBS/New York Times, Gallup Poll also at the Fox Poll link.

I will post some things to read later, I have been looking at polls mostly today.

Well I have a couple of things that I think need to be read and passed along..This post just keeps growing......sorry about that.

Solving the Pastor Problem?

Exit Wright

General Election McCain-Obama McCain-Clinton
National TieClinton +2.9
Pennsylvania Obama +1.2Clinton +6.8
Ohio McCain +3.4Clinton +5.4
Florida McCain +9.0Clinton +1.7
Wisconsin Obama +4.3McCain +3.3

This is from RCP....How could anyone think Obama could win in the general election??? All the Hillary Clinton haters need to face the facts, the Reverend Wright is here to stay and will bring Obama down in the general!

MORE TO COME....(maybe).

This poll should wake up the Superdelegates.
From Quinnipiac
May 1, 2008 - Clinton Tops McCain In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Obama-McCain Too Close To Call In Two Key States: --- FLORIDA: Clinton 49 - McCain 41; McCain 44 - Obama 43; OHIO: Clinton 48 - McCain 38; McCain 43 - Obama 42: PENNSYLVANIA: Clinton 51 - McCain 37; Obama 47 - McCain 38