Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving On..............

As Obama picks up superdelegates and Clinton does not and polling places are dropping her from the polls there are going to be changes going on here at McCain Democrats. No I still have hope that the supers will wake up but I want to stay up to date on McCain also. Hillary to me represents the true democratic party and Obama represents the new democratic party that I no longer recognize and want to be a part of. If you don't like the change move on.

For a look at the polls all in one place just go here. Not going to post them all today. I have a place to the left I will up date.....Latest Polls.

McCain, Obama Spar Over Veterans

via The Page

“It is absurd for Barack Obama to question John McCain’s commitment to America’s veterans, when Obama himself voted against funding our nation’s veterans, and troops in the field during a time of war.”

McCain Differs With Bush on Climate Change

McCain Woos Democrats on Environment

McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama

Sometimes you don't need the secret memo, a Deep Throat source, or the combination to the safe to get the story. Sometimes it's lying right there in front of you, a series of fragments ready to be pieced together.

Running Interference for Obama
This has been noted by conservative sites like Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit, but if you haven't already seen it it's worth paying attention to.

It's no surprise that the media are in the tank for Barack Obama, but the willingness of the New York Times to simply misrepresent the facts--while pretending to act as a fact-checker!--is pretty breathtaking. You may think the Times is an outlier, if not a joke, but I suspect that many more news outlets are prepared to follow the Times's lead in flat-out misreporting the facts, if that's what it takes to get Obama elected.

Could Obama Be Another Dukakis?

It is a thought that sends shivers down the backs of Democrats, a name that brings to mind memories of an election lost that might have been won, against a war hero once referred to in headlines as a "wimp" who won not so much by his own strengths but because of the skill of his operatives in painting his lesser-known opponent as an out of touch "liberal" who refused to salute the flag or admit his mistakes, not to mention his supposedly unpatriotic wife.

Could Obama be another Dukakis?

It isn't just die-hard Clinton supporters who are pointing out the similarities. Even some Obama backers who believe that the nomination fight is over see the possible parallels, and are determined to avoid them, or at least try.


This is worth reading

'Elitist' Tag Knocks Education

Tv-Ad Accountable