Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vets For Freedom.....

This is the ad they were talking about on Face The Nation today.


Bill Clinton Has 'Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully Just for Running'



Anonymous said...

I've just started for links to various sites that support Hillaristas defecting to McCain.

Before it's too late for the DNC to nominate Hillary, imo we need a way to show the DNC that we are serious and will not 'get over it' and come back in November.

Some people are already contributing to McCain but I think that is premature. Hillary needs our donations now.

Does anyone have any ideas about a way we can collect money now that will go to Hillary if she is the nominee -- otherwise to McCain?

From tdo at

jslat said...

Hi 30yrdem
I'm heading out for my Memorial Day rounds. My husband, father, grandfather, three uncles were all Vets. I will be visiting several resting places to send my thoughts to them for all they did.
Wish you & yours a peaceful holiday.

30yrdem said...

I took a look at your new place. Places like this are popping up all over.

I hope this does not work against us in the end...I am a member of "UnderTheBus"....I see it looks like you have a forum...this is good..I think the plan is, the only one I know of, is to give $10.44 on the day we know for sure Obama is the nominee. I will look around to see what I can find out. I will add you to my list of great places.

30yrdem said...

mjr17 ,TriciaNC

All are welcome here...I have not updated yet today but I will shortly.

30yrdem said...


I hope your day went well.

Catch you later...

Anonymous said...

One big group would look more impressive ... waiting for that to happen.

Waiting till Obama has the nomination is too late. We need to show strength now, to keep him from getting the nomination.


30yrdem said...


Have a lot of people joined your site? I try to pass all sites I know of on. I am not sure if people are joining them all or just one.I hope they are joining all and spreading the word.

We are working on a plan for amount to give to McCain at details yet...LChris will post it there.It does take a while for the word to get around so I will let you know asap.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a join-up form. Mainly I'm offering a no-hassle message board, and deleting bot or negative comments as soon as I see them.

Personally I'm focused on finding a way to stop the DNC nominating Obama, by showing them NOW that we're serious about voting for McCain.

Petitions and other sites can show how many of us there are, but the DNC can use the same brush-off saying we'll all 'come back.'

Protests aren't much good, because the media can igore or misrepresent them -- and again they can say we'll come back later.

The only thing I can think of that would impress them, is money. Hm, maybe it would demonstrate more seriousness if we made small donations to some fund EVERY WEEK ALL SUMMER to show we still care.

Or maybe instead of a 'fund', selling some sort of 'gear'.