Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday afternoon.........UPDATED!

UPDATE: the ladies that we have seen on Fox News have their web site up now. "Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too" I have to use Internet Explorer to get it to work...may just be me but it won't work in Firefox.

For the afternoon read.....

Healing the wounds of Democrats' sexism

To see Gerry on Greta..........

This is really Timely from Greta Wire


Well I did it....I am no longer a democrat. Today was the last day to change here in my state. I found that out today so I went and got it taken care of...No longer a dem....feels good to say that. After I have seen how low Obama will go I just could no longer be a part of the party who thinks it is ok to disenfranchise voters...actually using lawyers to stop the votes from being counted....that is Un-American!
More later.............on the party I went with and why....

I am listening to Hannity at 77WABC...want to listen go here.

Corbett will be having a free for all the last hour of his

Cardinal George weighs in on Pfleger flap