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Oregon DNC member Wayne Kinney.
Committeeman Ben C. Pangelinan
Oregon Democratic Chair Meredith Wood Smith.

Colorado Democratic Chair Pat Waak.


For a look at the delegate count from RCP. Obama is within 50 delegates by that count. For a look at head to head polls RCP has this.

General Election: McCain vs. Clinton

PollDateSampleClinton (D)McCain (R)Spread
RCP Average05/11 - 05/27--45.944.9Clinton +1.0
Rasmussen Tracking05/24 - 05/271600 LV4645Clinton +1.0
Gallup Tracking05/21 - 05/254417 RV4845Clinton +3.0
Newsweek05/21 - 05/221205 RV4844Clinton +4.0
Reuters/Zogby05/15 - 05/181076 LV4343Tie
IBD/TIPP05/12 - 05/18953 A4439Clinton +5.0
Democracy Corps (D)05/13 - 05/151014 LV4947Clinton +2.0
Battleground05/11 - 05/141018 LV4351McCain +8.0

General Election: McCain vs. Obama

PollDateSampleObama (D)McCain (R)Spread
RCP Average05/11 - 05/27--46.644.3Obama +2.3
Rasmussen Tracking05/24 - 05/271600 LV4347McCain +4.0
Gallup Tracking05/21 - 05/254417 RV4447McCain +3.0
Newsweek05/21 - 05/221205 RV4646Tie
Reuters/Zogby05/15 - 05/181076 LV4840Obama +8.0
IBD/TIPP05/12 - 05/18953 A4837Obama +11.0
Democracy Corps (D)05/13 - 05/151014 LV4846Obama +2.0
Battleground05/11 - 05/141018 LV4947Obama +2.0

Who looks better to you?....If they want to lose they will stick with Obama but if they want to win they will get a back bone and stand up for our country and party and pick Clinton.


Also at the page he has up a memo about FL. and Mi...DNC: Fla., Mich. Can't Be Fully Restored
Did we really think they would??? I didn't but you have to ask for all to start...All the votes should be counted in Florida....Michigan is a different story...Obama stopped the re-vote there so I guess he didn't want any votes from the state....Give Hillary her votes and divide the others between the others who took there name off the ballot.....fair is the delegates according to the votes after the split...seems pretty simple to me....

Yesterday I put up a link for the first part of this...from RCP
A Review of Obama's Voting Coalition, Part II

Here is something I am happy to see....
Clinton gets deep-pockets boost from loyalists

With just three Democratic primaries left and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's chances at her party's nomination increasingly a longshot, determined and deep-pocketed supporters based in San Francisco have launched an effort to keep the New York senator's campaign alive - making a case for counting primary votes in Michigan and Florida.

Susie Tompkins Buell, a longtime friend of Clinton's and - along with her husband, Mark Buell - one of the country's most generous Democratic donors, is one of the forces behind the WomenCount political action committee.

Since its formation earlier this month, the group has spent at least $140,000 to publish full-page ads in newspapers around the country in support of Clinton, according to the organization's papers on file with the Federal Elections Commission.

The committee's ads, headlined "Not So Fast," urge that the votes of women - who make up 51 percent of the American electorate - be fully counted in the 2008 presidential election.

Read it all here.

Democrats' dilemma

Don't miss reading this...

Hillary Clinton and the 'Told You So' Calculation

This is worth your time....
HUMAN EVENTS Exclusive: Blue Dog Blues


maybe more later, lets see what the day brings...........
Mark at The Page put this up yesterday and I can say I agree with most all of it.

HALPERIN’S TAKE: How the Democratic Nomination Fight Could Go Beyond Next Wednesday

Did you catch Carville on Carvilles take on Clinton