Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What will we do if Hillary Clinton is not the nominee as the MSM is implying? Speaking for my self, I will not vote for Obama and I am not alone.........There is a writer for the Washington Post doing a story on this subject I am told. I do wonder how many people are out there that feel this way?

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Brazile's Blowout

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McCain Courts Blue-collar Democrats
By Ariel Sabar

Obama lacking support of key voting blocs
Resistance to him by Clinton backers could prove to be costly against McCain

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Despite Obama’s statewide victory Tuesday, the New Yorker won Shulers's western North Carolina district.

U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler is pledging his support to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a spokesman.

Shuler, a superdelegate to the National Democratic Convention, had said he would back the candidate who carried his 11th congressional district in Western North Carolina.

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Superdelegate count for today.

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Ugly truth why Hillary Clinton won't quit

Divided for Obama

Wright Issue Hinders Obama

Clinton grabs vital victory in Indiana

The Continuing Racial Polarization of the Electorate***

Wright story: What took so long?***


30yrdem said...

To contact the writer at THE WASHINGTON POST

Krissah Williams
Washington Post Staff Writer
202-334-6319 (office)

other number is


Anonymous said...

Oh, easy. I will vote for the old soldier. I will not sit out b/c my non-vote will help obama win.

30yrdem said...


please contact the writer from the WP and tell who you will vote for.

Anonymous said...

yes publish more phone numbers and harass more people it will make them like if you call and YELL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN AT THEM

also remember to feed your cat because you're a crazy cat lady

30yrdem said...

Sorry no cat, plus this person is asking for people to write and call, sorry...

jslat said...

Talk about "what the cat dragged in"- someone seems annoyed. Meow! Sorry no cat here either LOL