Friday, May 9, 2008

SUPER WATCH........updated

Net gain: Obama 7, Clinton 1*

from The Page

Obama gets:

–South Carolina’s Democratic vice chair.

–California DNC members ED Espinoza and Vernon Watkins.

–American Federation of Government Employees head John Gage. The union endorses as well.

–New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne, who is switching from Clinton.

–Oregon Rep. DeFazio.

Clinton gets

–Endorsement of Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Carney

–Backing of Texas Rep. Ciro Rodriguez.

*Payne switching takes one super away from Clinton.

ABC News: Obama takes superdelegate lead for the first time.

Plus:Other supers being reported for Obama Friday — including Virginia DNC member Joe Johnson — have been counted in some media tallies, not others.

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