Friday, May 2, 2008


With all the polls below I thought I would put the good reads in another post so they wouldn't get lost. We had a bit of wind last night so I haven't been reading a lot today yet (yard clean up!) .....You might have seen some pictures on Fox News of the tornadoes from KOTV.You can see video at that link ..... BUT I have come across a few pieces to read....

Clinton Nabs Texas Superdelegate
Lone Star State DNC member Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr. announces his support for the New York Senator.
via The Page

Pressure's on Bayh to snare Indiana for Clinton

Endorsements chip away at Bayh pedestal

Clinton: Tuesday Will Be a 'Game Changer'

Clinton Says Calls to Drop Out Are 'Just Idle Talk'
ABC Night Line (video)

Q&A: Evan Bayh


Gallup Daily: McCain Moves to 6-Point Lead Over Obama

Clinton 48%, Obama 46% in national Democratic nomination preferences

The 'Race' Speech Revisited*

When Blue Collars Are a Tight Fit*

Has anybody got a flag pin?

The Perils of Condescension*

Renewed Wright Imbroglio Exposes Fissures Among Black Voters*

Democrats Scramble for Indiana

Obama's Other Radical Friends*

Maybe more later...............

Wright Makes Wrong

A Whole New Ballgame
The North Carolina outlook.

Has Barack Obama put the Jeremiah Wright controversy behind him?

Obama's Pastor Is Praised, Condemned on Chicago's South Side