Sunday, May 25, 2008


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You have to watch David Axelrod of the Obama campaign and GOP strategist Karl Rove on "This Week" if you missed it. George did a good job asking the questions this week. So you can see I didn't watch "Meet The Press" but you can here.I might watch it later. I always try to watch "Reliable Sources"....Today they covered how Senator Clinton has been treated by the MSM...who are all Obama supporters. They played clips that seem to come from the first video that ShutThe FreudUp made...A lot of the talking points seem to come from this piece "Hating Hillary" was a very good show today. One thing that was brought up was how women have been saying terrible things about Hillary...(Randy Rhodes was brought up and female radio personality's)... and it seems to be ok for them to say the things they do, also why do they do this when they have had to fight the same battles as Senator Clinton. ....It made me think how black people can say things about other blacks and it is just fine but if you are white and are heard saying these things it is far from just fine....You know how the double standards have been in this race. They also brought up how the lady asked McCain "How do we beat the Bitch?" What gave her the right to stand up if front of a crowd and call another woman this?.....That is a question I would like to have an answer to myself....You can get a Podcast of the show here....On to other Sunday talk....."Face The Nation" has not aired yet but todays guest will be Howard Wolfson ...Director of Communications, Clinton Campaign.... Sen. Lindsey Graham..(R) South Carolina..... Sen. Dick Durbin ...(D) Illinois.....The topic will be ...The Race For The White House....

Face The Nation

They played the whole clip about the RFK remark.

Howard talked about how the two campaigns went to June.
Quoted New York Daily news.... you should watch if you can
at CBS......but first watch Axelrod on "This Week"

(Something I have noticed today is a cry for unity....I say to late
for that....When Obama made more out of the comment than was there
he pushed Clinton's supporters even farther away....that is what
his campaign does....takes things out of context to make Hillary
look bad.)

Will it go to the convention....It looks like we will have a nominee
before then...It should be Clinton...look at the map!
We are not there yet when it comes to the numbers.

Sen. Lindsey Graham
John McCain is starting the vetting for VP. but not at his BBQ.

John McCain was the one who advocated for more troops in Iraq.

Obama has not been in Iraq since 2006, he needs to go back and
see how things have changed. Says the two should go to Iraq together.

Sen.Durbin says about Obama going back....
Should the two go to Iraq together?
No....Says Obama not calling for an immediate withdraw.... Says Obama has talked
with the Gen. ...Talks about an ad about Obama...527?

Graham says he is not involved in any ad....says Obama needs to go to Iraq again...
he needs to talk to military families and talk about things... How can you make a
decision about Iraq if you haven't been there in two years?

This does not cover all said, please watch online at "Face The Nation"


Fox News Sunday: Clinton chairman Terry McAuliffe defended Clinton’s RFK remark, blamed media and Obama camp for “inflaming it.” Said she has nothing to apologize for and will not call Obama, as Huckabee did after his gaffe at the NRA convention. Declined to say how long she will remain in the race, pointing to Friday’s rules and bylaws committee meeting. Denied report that Bill Clinton wants Hillary Clinton to be VP.

FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace will have Terry McAuliffe.....(What would an Obama-Clinton ticket look and would Clinton agree to be Obama's vice presidential nominee? We'll ask Terry McAuliffe, Clinton campaign chairman.

What’s the strategy for Democrats and Republicans heading into November? We’ll ask the chairmen of the two Congressional Campaign Committees: Reps. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and Tom Cole, R-Okla.)

The show airs at 5:00pm cst..6:00 est...If you can't watch they do put up some videos here eventually.

Off to do some reading. If I find anything good I will post a link.....

Found this at TM......

KLEIN PLAYS THE FOOL! Joe Klein hacked on your side this week. Josh Marshall praised him for it

Media hype: How small stories become big news

It would be a big story if Clinton said something like this: “Hey, I know it looks bad for me now. But, think about it. Obama could get shot and I’d get to be the nominee after all.”

It is a small story if Clinton said something like this: “Everyone talks like May is incredibly late, but by historical standards it is not. Think of all the famous milestones in presidential races that have taken place during June.”

It seems pretty obvious that the latter is what Clinton meant, and not too far from what she actually said. It was not surprising that the Argus Leader’s executive editor, Randall Beck, put out a statement saying, “Her reference to Mr. Kennedy’s assassination appeared to focus on the time line of his primary candidacy and not the assassination itself.”


Former Gov. Tony Knowles

Clonton ........O


From Newsweek:

Obama 46, McCain 46, Undecided 8

Clinton 48, McCain 44, Undecided 8

Conducted May 21-22; Error margin: 3.5 points

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Among whites:

McCain 52, Obama 40
McCain 48, Clinton 44

Among nonwhites:

Obama 68, McCain 25
Clinton 65, McCain 25


Gallup Daily: Clinton Maintains Lead Over McCain


Clinton speaks of faith in face of adversity

Hillary Clinton on Sunday offered a spiritual defense
for continuing her presidential campaign despite
the long odds of overtaking rival Barack Obama.

Speaking to a full congregation at the Pabellon de la
Victoria evangelical church, Clinton spoke in
measured terms about faith in the face of adversity.

"There isn't anything we cannot do together if we seek God's blessing and if we stay committed and are not deterred by the setbacks that often fall in every life," Clinton said.